Sunday, April 4, 2010

Report 34

So I will give a big guess and say I suck at holding the 20min daily blog. I was good for 2 whole weeks, but after that, BAM one week-end that I miss and now I keep missing days. I tried my best really, but It's hard during the week-end when I keep moving around.

I finish a lot of my problem set today, I celebrate Easter with my family last friday. My boyfriend had to come back to Miramichi because he have a shit load of homework. I was the only source of drive.But I had a good day. Relaxing, no dog running around, barking. No cat asking for attention or to go outside. NO sister to ask me to go out, no mother to ask me to help her around. Nothing... Just my boyfriend me and the two cat hidden under the sofa XD

I'm supposed to go see my friend tomorrow, I hope anyway.

I eat a lot of candy, chocolate, and now I'm sickish. Not to bad anyway I just going to sleep it off. If I can its so warm outside god!

I'm tinkering for a story I've been wanting for ever to write. I got a few points clear up.

and now I should go, cause my boyfriend want to watch Toy Story before going to bed and It's on my computer XD

take care,


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