Monday, March 29, 2010

report 33

I'm in college right now, but I'm done and just waiting for my boyfriend to be done his class.

I have my Dollfie! and bit by bit I'm transforming him into Zexion! He came in with only green boxers so my roommate made him a black suit. I have one or two picture on the other website. He came in with a black wig and brown eyes. And everyone, everyone told me he look like me. He have the same shade of brown eyes as me. But now I switch doll eyes with my roommate dollfie and he have light blue eyes now. Everyone still say he look like me.

For the long week-end, Friday and Saturday I'm at my parent place, Sunday and Monday I'm at my boyfriend place. I going to miss a lot from my family, but like my mom said, I need to learn to divided in two now that I have a good relationship. I need ot learn to chose the side I need to go.

At first I was sad because I will miss a lot, but thinking of it, my mom must have miss a lot of event to when she dated my dad.So I suck it up and I will have lots of fun and chocolate. HO now I want my egg chocolate I bought yesterday, danm.

My family will do the Easter dinner Friday for me. I probably will have pasta while my family will have crab or something under that line.No meat! that's for sure. I didn't play pokemon for a while, I'm training a Zubat because the pidgiotto is not that good in heartgold I find. He doesn't learn attacks! and I'm stuck with gust all the time. So I decided to change my flier to a Crobat.

okay so I started to play Country Story on facebook for a project. I played for a week right now and every time I played my boyfriend would see me play and now...he's addicted to the game.It's really funny to see. He's playing a clicker game now too, Castle Age? I'm playing too because he ask, and we defeat monsters together. Okay HIS monsters, I still have mine to beat up.

Anyway got to goo~


07/01/2011-> My crobat is awesome. I stop playing those facebook game, Now I only play monster galaxie, Gaiaonline developer that game, I'm sending all kind of report to them from some glitch and if there going to fix the memory leek yet.

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