Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Report 28, Holly crap since when?

Since when did my report got in the 20?...ho well

Okay so I have like 15 minute. I should have enough time. I'm in my programming class, it only start at 9:30. Anyway, I am writing this report to say that I place a new link, it's Zenxara 20 min daily blog.

I did a new blog to post everyday for 20 min I will write what ever is on my mind, what happen today and about my stories.I don't want to post here because the blog here is different. Here is like a summery of my mind and I write about something really awesome that happen in my life that I want to share.

Thinking of that I need to tell you guys, my roommate getting a car! So we wont have to run a 10 year old Ford Focus anymore!~ So when we're going down to our parent place, not only will she have a car, but her doll will be there, and HeartGold and SoulSilver will be out Sunday! So really it's only me who will have to wait for Sunday since I don't have anything to wait for now haha

But there is a doll that she found who is PERFECT for Zerox, and she may buy it for my birthday. Since she was saving up to buy one for me anyway, but the one she was saving up was like... a younger version of Zerox. Now he look more like his 18-20 and I can just buy an other set of clothing and wig and make a Zexion doll too!

Ho teacher is here Got to go, bye


on break. so before people ask ( yeah right) the doll Im talking about are dollfies doll, there really beautiful, Google it. they have different height for different price, different model.Like you can have dear feet or demons horn, cat eyes, everything you ever want.

I was interest to buy a 40 inch tall doll, but there between 300-800$ the one my roommate was saving for was 600$ but she found someone selling teh doll for 200$ and much better then the first one we found. But it's only the body, but I can find cheap eyes and wig. since Zerox have deep purple eye ( because of his contact really) and bright red hair. Like a firetruck red hair. Zerox really eye colour is deep blue, which are the same as Zexion so he can cosplay him!

Zexion is my motivation to work.My roommate is to buy dollfies, dollfies are her motivation to continue to sow and work. She like to sow, but after a while its tiring so she just look up at, I don't know many website of dollfies, and get back to sow again.

For me I'm trying to write every day. so I place my gingerbread plushie of Zexion just next too my speakers where every time I looking down at the time in the corner of the screen, I see him and make me work and type again. I should start to have a specific time to write the 20 min, cause I notice I'm more energetic to write during the mid-morning.

Not right in the morning, way to tired. My roommate calculated that it takes me 20min before I'm actually awake and aware of my surrounding. I just do things on auto pilot. My boyfriend found it weird at first but when I explain he laugh. My mom just notice after a while. I don't XD haha

I probably will write after school, like at 5 or something.Like that half an hour will have pass after I'm done college and wouldn't be to tired to write, and still have a lot to say.

okay break over, back to work.

bye bye


Hey so yeah I was able to write on my other blog when it was what? 6-7 o'clock, and no matter when or where I am, I will alway get bothered and loose count of my timing XD But it doesn't matter, I write to practice my writing. And I notice the way I write here and the way I write there are different. Maybe because I have a different motive in both blog, I have different thing to say.

So only 5 days till HeartGold and SoulSilver and I really should stop making that report longer and give my computer back to my boyfriend for him to do his test. Ho god I think h fell asleep. poor him. Well that's all I wanted to say. Some people who watch me here can watch me on my other blog too. Since I will say things I wont in another. I'm weird.

take care!

07/01/2011-> the 20 min Zenxara blog is death; the dolls are really called boll joint dolll BJD in short and I did Zexion not Zerox as my doll. More info on later post.

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