Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Report 29, lost motivation

I'm supposed to be working on my project right now. But I have no motivation at all. The project is to do a tile editor in 2D programming. I have a mouse and I need to click on the tile I need and click where ever tile I want to change. It's a simple design and idea, but I don't have the motivation at all to try and figure out the code and do it.

I will try and find some motivation music, I know that my sound design teacher have a lot ( since you know he work as a music composer?) I wish I knew where his office where like that I could ask for some cd to rip the music out and place them on my USB. But he doesn't like lending them since he lost a few because of some previous students.

My roommate have the same problem, she can see that she's getting behind her workload. Her grade still good, but its really tiring after a while. Same thing with me, I still do good grades but I barely know what I did or it takes for ever to work on it.

I will do a research to find a good motivation tonight, and work on 2D programming that I didn't even touch today.


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