Saturday, March 6, 2010

Report 27, Time to leave~

Well, march break nearly over,

And I didn't even do most of the stuff I wanted to do!I wanted to practice my programming, but never had time to do it. I wanted to read some of my book, but never feel like it.Couldn't go see my friends in Miramichi since I didn't had the car. The only thing I really did was going to Grand-Falls with Scott.

I got my last book yesterday, it look really amazing, it does have 1000 page haha. And I found "lord Sunday" by Garth Nix, I was waiting for that book for a year and a half! I didn't even finish Saturday cause I knew it would take a while for the last book to be out. And now I know my boyfriend will be a bit mad since I not suppose to spend money XD ho well.

Well now tomorrow, I'm back to my apartment, I will clean my room better to make place for my table and computer, Scott will help place internet on my computer, since I'm not sure on how to.Not sure. And it better when someone who know do it for me.

I will start my journey to because a game designer. With the books I bought it will help me a lot. I will try to write stories every night for 20 min. Probably only start next week since I will have a lot to do around my room to make everything okay for my computer, and clean the bathroom since the cats probably did some mess and it did smell bad when I got in a few days ago.

I will have to clean the sofa too since I don't need all my thing there now, I will have to make place in my room. I like to have everything close and at reach. I need my things next to me or else I weirdly panic.

It's probably the same thing when I'm alone to long now, I need loud music or light everywhere. I didn't need to do that when I was young but now I'm so use to have people around me that I need my thing close to me to keep the feeling that I'm not alone anymore.

I will finaly finish Saturday book. I'm half way done so... I should by the rest of the series it's a really amazing story. Original, captiving, and intriging, always suprise me everytime. The only thing I didn't really like is that he took his time to write the series, but thats normal, he was working on 3 series in the same time. And the book was always ending in a cliff hanger! you had to wait a year and half to have the new book out before you can finaly know what happen to just finish with another cliffhanger.

I start that series when he was working on Friday. I only had to wait for Friday, Sturday and Sunday, so I was fine. But poor people that had to wait for all the years.

Oh well, I have to wrap it up.

March Break over, time to work hard, clean up and studie!


11/11/2011-> You know I change my profession a lot, I only wanted to be a game designer because I could make up characters their story, the world and all that. So it was another form of me trying to fool myself that I couldn't write a novel. HA how surprise was I during November!

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