Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Report 31, homework list

  • not playing on Poekmon HeartGold.
  • Give the pokewalker to Scott like that I wont play
  • Math Problem sets,
  • Programming 2D project
  • Read over what to do on Programming concept PS3

just a list of homework like that I know where I'm heading. And like that I'm not playing pokemon all day. I was able to finish the ethic problem set 2 yesterday...even if its only due in 2 days. I though my ethic class was today. But at least I finish that and its out of the way. I finish on problem set in Math. Okay half way I still have to send my program via email to my teacher. I need to find the plug to do that.

Except of that. I'm battling the second gym leader in HeartGold! All my pokemon are at level 18, except for flaffy but shes getting there. That's why I'm training her right now in the gym, easier.The pokewalker is still awesome. Scott have it because he walk around more during the day then I do so yey, more steps and walts! I already unlock like. 4-5 routs. But me and Scott when want to see all the routs and try to catcher all the pokemon we can. I catcher he trains. I don't like to spend hours just training.

anyway, lunch time FOOOD and pokewalker


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