Thursday, August 5, 2010

Report 40

I didn't forget about it ( even if no one goes here except of me) I just have been busy with work and catching up on stuff. Kinda funny I have lots to say but no where to start! Even the beginning doesn't do justice to all I want to say. May have to do 2 post.

okay well I FINALLY brought my laptop to get it clean.31 buck later and the technician found a HUGE chunk of dust. Its bigger then My fan I'm pretty sure I laugh when I saw it and told him: " Hey I found my cat!" Its not that big to be a cat but, yeah.

The Kitty Cat, Pixie is doing well, lonely and she miss my roommate a lot. My boyfriend is taking care of her while I'm in Bathurst working.She's a bit annoying the morning though. Since she is use to have my boyfriend getting up at 5 to go to work but when he is not she thinks he be late so she decide to miawl till he gets up. When she understand its a day off. At 8-9 she miawls again because she doesn't want to be alone in the living room anymore. XD Its cute. But annoying.

I'm on twitter often so, I did tweet about that but 2 days ago I got a flash for a awesome Mobile phone game, but the only paper near me at work I could write on was sticky notes!So I'm pretty sure my boss( who's office next to mine) must find it weird that I was drawing odd dinosaurs mumbling codes and none sense.

I do have another idea for a game but it look like its coming to be a 3A title. I'm cutting out a bit to look more simple. now its more a adventure/mystery PC game. The title will be " My Shadow's Relic" It just pop out in my mind today and text everyone in my contact list what they think when they read that. Oddly only the people who when to school for animation or gaming could guess right. The others I had to explain a bit more ( except one person.)

I may use that idea for a final piece for next year. I will write the game idea first. Story a bit later.Since you know that's what I want to do in the industry, Game story writing.

Other note, I want to Costco when summer started and you know what I saw? a Wii... for 100$!! So I decided I will buy it for my birthday gift me-to-me. LOL I already got all my birthday gift a month in advance! I got Zexion doll from my friend. A really expensive purse from my sisters; new cellphone from my mom ( ho yeahh I got a new phone now ! I pay 15$ a month instead of 30. unlimited text and have a key pad I love it so much); 2 TB portable hard-drive from my Boyfriend. But since it cause 200 $ we will use it both of us. I already place all my movies and music in there.

I'm in a new website, called pokefarm. Its about pokemon of cause but that's not it. The guy ( owner) is doing a new game for the website but could work out the game story so he ask the people in the website to apply for a writing job. I applied, when I saw all the application of the 12-13 year old I know I had MUCH bigger chance to have the project. And Indeed I did. Was small mind you, I was done the same day I got it. I just hope I did well, since he didn't ask me more about it.

I made my boyfriend buy a DS, and now we can play pokemon together ( aww were geeks XD). He like Final Fantasy's games and last week-end we both bought new games. Him FF Tactic A2 for DS and I got Myst for DS witch is the same as the PC version.I start playing his game when my battery of my DS died and I can't stop playing. I already have 17 hours on it and I only been playing for 2 days? he land me the game since he was working most of the week.He is going to show me the first version when I come down this friday, his brother have it.

What else is new? Ha yes I will start learning AS3 with the professional Andy I work with for the game jam? yeah him. I kept contact with all the group like that if something new open, I will finally have experience and flash programming and I could help much more! more opportunity for jobs!

I ask my boyfriend last week, if I had a job opportunity but I had to move away, if he would leave everything and fallow me. He told me of cause and why I ask? I told him that I just wanted to make sure he would do the same for me XD It been 10 months and we're still love birds XD

I even told him I'm less afraid to move down in the US, only rule is that we have to be close to the border in case.I'm not scared of US, I'm scared of leaving Canada. I'm a proud Canadian Eh!

What else, what else, what else...I think that's all for now, I tweet often so you can see what I think or what happen in the job I find funny or odd.( Like the two moose walking in the river in front of my work place. In the middle of the city!)

take care very one, and we will see again when College start!


11/11/2011 -> learn AS3 by myself, at school. Did teh dinasaur game. the 3A title game? yeah no it was just a story in my head more then anything but that was a flash of what started my Ghost Tracker story, thats when it all started.

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