Monday, August 30, 2010

Report 41


Yes I have a Wii, not the one I was planning to buy at Moncton, not even close! My boyfriend, friend was selling his Wii plus two remote controle ( with numchock) and a Nintendo classic remote, plus 3 new game ( Zelda twilight princess, Brawl, and the new Mario game that was out last Christmas) for only 175$ When Scott heard that he bought it on the spot. Mind you we still didn't give the money but its a detail.He know where we live and go to the same college XD

Tomorrow is going to be my birthday, good bye teen years and hello adult world of the twenties. Goody I already feel old.But I have a kid heart, when you see me and my boyfriend play pokemon on the wii XD

I've been good for my writing! I've been practicing a tinny bit. Mostly caring post cards( flash card?) with me and when I have a scene or idea I stop and write it, no mater where I am. I have..minute Im counting XD.. 7 story plot and idea written down. One that have already been change and tweak a bit.

I start playing with the writing software yWrite a bit yesterday and really I love that program a lot.I can write all the character notes, locations description down in one same place. When I start writing a scene I can just click on the tabs to look at the description of a character if I forgot what color was his eyes or where he grew up or something.

I start writing down each project already in yWrite, like that when November comes and I know which project I want to work, I can just open the file and start typing away! I only have two project I start typing about since yesterday was my birthday supper with family. I will work more today, after the shopping for Kitty cat.

My boyfriend doesn't mind, he is playing his DS right now, and probably after the shopping he will go to his place and play on his PS3 with his friend. We don't have to be at the same place all the time, just knowing he is fine is okay with me.We both have different pass time, he like to play his games with friend I like to came up with stories and write about them.

On another note. My big sister give me my birthday present last week-end. and its a calligraphic pen made in blue glass, I will take a picture someday, but I don't have my camera right now. I try it out this morning and it write really well. I try it whit other colors ink I have and the blue ink it came with it and the black ink are the best. The red ink look pink and tame on the pen, the other blue make a lot of mess, yellow you barely can read it.

well that's it for me this morning! time to push Scott to dress up and go shop!
take care,


11/11/2011-> its funny on how I think I wrote already that between 5 of August to then I decided to change my  game ideas to writing, that I found NaNoWriMo and decided to participate and thats in between those time, I became a writer and enjoy most of my summer. I also finish working and moved back to Miramichi to live, for a while, with my boyfriend.

Also I don't use yWrite anymore, its really fun and easy to use, I just prefer to have every thing I brainstorm on paper.

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