Sunday, September 12, 2010

Report 42, back to school

And back to school, second your of Game Programming study will be done in 10 months. or close. I just past my first week as a second your student and man I already have work! But nothing much, I did a 2 slide show on Saturo Iwata, the director of Nintendo. I will have to write a paper on Pokemon AI. Learning new language and writing about the process. All the new jazz, HO and I have a major project ( that I'm supposes to work on right now but I don't feel like it. Like ever) where its build a project in group. The project can be anything, that's why I didn't say game.

My group, we decided to build a mobile game with Unity, a 3D program, but most programmer in my group ( including me) never program in Unity so while we do the paper work, we do tutorial on how Unity works!Humm I should write down what our game is to post on the website. Forgot about that. Oupss

There is also in my 3D programming class we start again in just building a cube ( or my British box XD I pronounce the word box in a British accent.) and I was the first one who was able to make a box and every time we press the space bar I shoot box XD the Assignment is to make the class box in a different file and call it every-time I press the space bar in different shape, size and color.Its due Wednesday. I only have to call it now and I'm done. I can work and finish that today too, but I want to write instead XD

I want shopping with my best friend in Moncton yesterday. I used my gift card of chapters and bought, P.S. I love you by Cecelia Ahern and the Power by Rhonda Byrne. Its another "the secret" book. I like to read them to boost my moral haha. I bought a few magazine and the first of Bakuman manga. I read that online but its a good series that make me continue reading so I buy to suport the series.

I also bought, just today, the new Sharpie liquid pencil online. a friend read to me it wont come in store so I try to get it with cheap shipping. I bought 2 for 14 buck! I know it have a lot of bad reviews, but I want to try them for myself, and even if it doesn't dry, I still have a cool awesome pencil in my hand now!

HOO I also got Kingdom Heart: birth by sleep! One game less in my list! now just pokemon ranger and pokemon white... monster tale too wait is that the title?lets see I have Nintendo power next to me...Ho hey yeah Monster tail. and then there is Wii game, epic mickey, Kirby's epic yarn, Donkey Kong country return! and more. I will get the wii games later more in the next summer, I like DS much more. and well , I will buy the 3DS when its out. May way a few months though, in case there is problems with the first batch.

I'm getting more idea coming for novel now that NaNo is coming faster! I got a new idea when my boyfriend was watching the movie, "she's out of my league" My idea is similar to the movie, mostly the guy will be a game programmer ( oh may) and teaching programming at a college ( might as well take a subject I know well XD, teacher always say to write about what you know. and I know college!) and the girl will be really pretty ( no shit) and have a steady job of some sort. I don't know her part yet. BUt I have a scene, where the guy invite girl to a lan party, sure that she wouldn't come, yup she does and she know the game enough to beat a few ass.

That's all I have now but I am brain storming, coming up with a few scene I can work with. I don't really want to say I definitely work on the Holly's story for NaNo, but I have a big feeling that it will be that one. I probably work on Daniel's in December.Me and a guy in class was talking about NaNo and we both conclude that with the amount of project that will be due in November we didn't know how we will do NaNo, but I know what I will do. I will write in the morning. I will wake up one hour earlier and work on my novel 1667 work at a time! I will probably be tired after November, but I doubt it. Im a morning person. Ish. And if I'm done work later the day in college I can work on it on paper or on my usb!It's the perfect plan. Since you know in November I also have the 3 days of MIG's I can just work on it on my laptop. Or paper on the drive there.

I will work with my new pencil coming! Well I'm out of word write now. I will continue reading my book and play bejeweled on facebook. I love that game XD I can play Diablo, but I don't feel like it.

well take care!


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