Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Report 45; Dreams are scary but I love them

I had a dream last night that could consider as a spy movie. I love the idea so much that when I woke up I just took my new sharpie pencil, what ever piece of writing source around and start to write the scene/ idea down.And I love that story! I'm actually thinking of using that story idea for NaNo more then the fantasy one from before.If I have time to come up with the characters first.

The story is all base around sibling relationship. I have the older brother and 2 young sister. The older brother is a prodigy and now a plane pilot. The oldest girl is now 18 and out to studies but really she only parties all day since she doesn't like what she is force to studies because of the parents. The youngest girl is the main character and completely ignored by her parents, since she is consider as a trouble maker, or really a trouble finder!

The scene I dream was the sibling was in a fair having fun, but when the oldest where talking about studies the youngest find that she was left out and start to explore by herself. And she saw someone get killed.The killer saw her and while she was running away to find her sibling, the Killers caught her and her brother and sister. They are brought to an hotel where the brother was able to escape. The two sister was brought in a limo and on the drive the Oldest sister bash the young one so the killer decided to save the oldest life. They brought them at a home ( that I soon knew it was the killers oldest son's house) and behind the house there is a small cliff after the cliff there is a river with rapids. They throw the youngest sister in a boat to try to get her killed as an accident in the rapids. Nearly work but she jump out in time and swam to the cliffs. she climb and throw a locket for her oldest sister to know she was alive.

And that was my dream, I basically wrote a back story that would help or explain how to start the novel. But now I'm like missing 2 act to finish the novel! I never read books with story similar to it so I don't know how to approach it. I know a few books but I can't buy them yet, so I'm thinking of watching movies base on those books. But if any of you have a spy adventure book that you want to share with me I would be grateful. The one I have in mind is Alex rider, I remember watching the movie with my dad and I love does kind of movie so why not read the book yeah?

Anyway I will go and edit some stuff around, take care!


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