Saturday, September 18, 2010

Report 43, dreams are scary

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I had a dream last night. One part of it was a plot, or place to help one story I have in mind. The other part, was weird. It was simply me and my bestfriend at her place and she was planning a birthday party, whit my post its every where in her room and stairs. Not any kind of post its, the one I filled with story plot, character names and odd things, I have no idea what she was thinking of doing, but that's what dream are.But that's not the point, she was telling me who she was inviting to the party and one name came out that surprise me, I was happy and so excited when she said that she invited her.

"her" is an old friend we had in high school, she was a good friend of mine, we both love coming up with stories and she would actually listen to me rambling about dreams and characters. Anyway, I was excited because I remember that she loved to write stories and I thought ( in the dream) to ask her if she was doing NaNoWriMo and if she would want to be buddies for this year! And that's when I woke up, still with the idea to ask her to be my buddy for NaNo.

I was all pump this morning and excited because I could just ask her to be my writing buddy, if she still write. And then that's where it hit me. I have absolutely no contact whats so ever with her. We lost contact 3 month after she moved away. So now I'm still down. I did try to find her contact the only problem I don't remember her last name XD Im so sad. Any way I tried to find her on some fencing, sword club website since I remember that she love to do that sport, but I guess they are only good at sport not website.

It's kinda odd on how, even after years of never talking or even thinking of her, she pop out in my dreams, and more often then not, my dreams mean something, even if its small ( I pass a math test thanks to a dream XD). so In a way I think that she would help me with my writing, that would explain the party planning with my story notes and her on the guest lists.

...On other note, my anti-virus talk in pirate talk now! lol because the 19 its talk like a pirate day, and my anti virus is Avast, which mean something loong time ago in the pirate language ( don't remember) and to celebrate they made a fild that change the normal English to pirate English XD Its awesome. I don't understand a single thing but it's still awesome.

My teacher love pirates therefore for that day, not only did he talk like a pirate, he dress up like one. And it was a festival so all Miramichi saw him and his crew of pirate volunteering for the festival.It's sad that it's on a sunday, the pirate day, it mean the new first year wont know about talk like a pirate day, sad sad, and lost for them.

Anyway back to my search crew, take care!


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