Monday, September 27, 2010

Report 44, Lots of stuff

I'm in class and the space bar suck so bear with me for a while k? k.

So yesterday I saw a football game in Moncton! it was awesome. My boyfriend got a sun burn but oddly I didn't and we were sitting next to each other XD I finally receive my Kobo eReader, I also got the New Sharpie Pencil. A lot of reviews online said it was a piece of crap ( bought it anyway I wanted to test it myself) and really I don't find it bad at all. The only thing missing to test is the dry after 3 days... Okay I will explain a bit. The new Sharpie pencil is a liquid pen with graphite in it that will write and erase like a pencil, but it is said after 3 days it dry's up and act like a pen! And a lot of reviews on Amazon said that the liquid flow was bad and leave a lot of shunk of ink in one place or doesn't write on the other. But I wrote a page or too and even drew with it and the flow was okay. Yes if you didn't press on the page it would draw much.

The other bad review was that the ink wasn't black but a light gray. I say they need new glasses or they don't know how to write with a pencil. The ink was gray yes, but a really dark gray, I compare with a normal pencil next to it and the normal pencil was more light gray the the sharpie pencil.

And for last, is that it doesn't dry after 3 days. I only try it 2 days ago so I can't compare yet, but even with 2 days, yes at some place I could erase but not a lot.So it look like it was working for me, I will try again tomorrow or the next day to prove again my theory, or more likely the sharpie theory.

I also wrote down the list of things I want to buy in the near so future, yes 5 years from now is noting for me. Ho darn I forgot the Equinos car in the list...I think... Anyway, this is all the things I want to buy and do in the future, make it vocation/ voyage, furniture, decoration and others. Books are in my book list under, but now that I have the Kobo, I can buy for cheap and don't have to wait for shipping! My sister bought one too, in black, last Saturday.

We want shopping for new clothing because... My uncle only have 6 month to live. He have cancer for the past 3 years and the doctors can't do anything for him now and sad as it is, me and my sisters had to shop for good funeral clothing. I good black pants and a new wool shirt with a big belt around the waist. I bought 2 dress skirt in case too.

...NO MORE DRAMA, okay change of subject. In November, not only will I do NaNoWriMo but I also volunteer to go for free in MIGS ( Montreal International Game Summit...not sure for the International bits tough) and since the tickets where 175 ( now 200$) all the bilingual people in class apply to be volunteer to go in for free. We all got in thanks to a guy in my class that pull strings to get our name in there, even to be able to pay the percentage off after the set dates they place because we are a big group. ( like 22 people, and its 2 class XD)

Not only that but I have the group project due In November so I have a lot so scheduling to do, but wurst come to wurst, I will waking up one hour early every day to write the 1667 word quota everyday for NaNo. No matter what I want to work on NaNo.

okay I need to go, even if I want to talk about the release of pokemon Black and white and how awesome it is, but my roommate is waiting for me to leave so

Take care!


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