Thursday, September 30, 2010

Report 46,Skechbook project tour, NaNo and assigment

holly blue cows, I will hit the 50 reports soon, sad I'm the only one reading this blog. Any how to business.

Like I state on my previous report, I had a dream for a good story and I wanted to write that story for NaNo, but I was debating since I place long hours thinking and giving birth to characters I like with my fantasy story and I didn't want to leave it. BUT few days ago I saw on a post in NaNo forums this Sketchbook project tour and it got me thinking. I can do what ever with that sketchbook and give it back for million of people to read or see. Soo I decided to write my fantasy story in that sketchbook! I have to unbind it to place more page in it tough, since I plan it to be a 50k word novel. Now in November I will write my spy idea novel ( which I still have much to plan, character placement and I want to take a real place to give the realism factor) and in December, I will write my fantasy novel!

My friends are participating to the sketchbook project too, since you know they are animators.And I will be the lonely programmer writing in the sketchbook haha. Also on writing subject, NaNo forums will be wip out tomorrow! Its my first year and I can't wait oddly to start fresh and new with fallow WriMos. I was soo excited this week to see who will post first and what would people talk about that I neglect my home work to much, now I have 7 hours of tutorial for Unity 3D to catch up for the group project.

  • group project for Project Management course
  • box Helicopter for 3D animation programming
  • paper work for cooperative Programming ( will work during week end since I can do that on the laptop easily)
  • Artificial Intelligence programming.. well I just finish a paper for that so I don't have to worry for it till next week.
  • Emerging trend... I finish that thank god. It's an interesting course, mostly talking and try to find new tools for programming or 3D that would bring that job must easier.
All in All I have big course this semester, but oddly its not that hard, I'm just lazy and because I didn't programme all summer I forgot a few things. That's why I laught when I was better at programming in two new language I'm learning in Comperative Programming then C++ the language I learn for the past 10 month.By the way the two programming language are Python, and Java. I don't really like C# much, but I love Python, its so easy. After you understand how it works.

On other note, me and my boyfriend had been talking, since my car is really old we need a new one soon, but we both hate small car and love jeeps. So my boyfriend had the idea, that next year he is taking another student loan and since he didn't touch the one of this year, we will accumulate the money and buy a Equinox Chevy in 2012. That's our goal. I will be working so incomes will come in and I can pay my bills and save a bit by bit every month. Though in the same time I want to change bank so it will be a bit hard in a way.

Also, when my boyfriend will be done school, we both want to move out and work in PEI, its a bit risk, but there is good game industry there, we probably ahve to make sure we have a job before we move, but if it happens like my sister, they only hired local people, so I want to move there and show an awesome portfolio and work there... I still probably want to work as a librarian then though, And when I have less bill to pay I notice that the PEI university have creative course, I am considering to take them. by that time I will have a few novel under my belt. And some mobile games too. We are thinking big ( so so) and far ahead but a year pass really fast when you have fun doing something you like, so I prefer to think now of things I can do before it is throw in my face and would have to walk in a bad path ( mind you they will all be ruff, but at least I wont be miserable).

So just like I promise myself in one of my big,fun,scary list is to write a novel each month, well two is on the way. The only thing is the fantasy one will be a donation kinda to a expo/library. I will write a note on the beginning to explain what it is to me and all and I may do another email address and ask for people opinion on the story and to send me an email. Since it will only be a dummy email I don't care for the crap I will receive! I can just delete the bad stuff.

Some guy I use to work with long time ago did something, not similar be the idea is near the same ( make them cosine or something) What he would do is by a Harry Potter book, read it and inside he would write his name and phone number in pen, and just leave it in a public place. He told us that he did it for all the Harry Potter book ( the 5 one just came out then) and only one person called to say he found his book. HE told the guy that he could keep it, he only like to read a book once and leave it to someone else that he doesn't know. The guy only leave the book in a public place again.

My idea with my novel is quite the same since its a tour, my novel will travel in different area in the unite stats and people around will pick up my book and read it. If someone want to take the book home they have to scan there library card and the bar code on the book and all the information is only for me to read. ( only my book.) I wont be able to publish that novel again, but at least people will pick it up and read it, and with the note inside with my other fake email I will know if someone like it. or catch some eye.

Aww now I can't wait for NaNoWriMo to start! I ask my boyfriend ( since he is a cook) if he could do munchies for me, healthy ones since I really need it this year, and he told me so. I will have carots and apple slices, some chocolate hidden in a box cause he will take them away from me. I will probably have different fruits or veggies knowing him. KIWIS! I so love kiwis I want that too.Strawberry's... and stuff...

HO I will soon start a collage of my other "big, fun, scary list of stuff I want to do and have in 3 to 5 year to come" I have all the picture in my usb I just bought a board and now I just need to print, cut and glue together. It's funny cause when I was talking about it to Scott he said I wouldn't need PEI as vacation on my list since we will live there. HE never read the book "The Secret" but the way he said it is just like the principle of the secret, he talk as if we are moving to PEI already ( may be my fault I keep talking about it). I ask him if there is something, a goal he wish to reach one day to just print it out and glue it with my list, but he just kiss me so I take it he have all he needs. LOL.

I think that's all... the bar show me it is going to be a big report so I end it here, the last September post! Before I jump into October in NaNOWriMo life! So excited~

take care,


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