Sunday, October 3, 2010

Report 47, brainstorming for story plot and boy names

But first, GAHHH CATT YOU SMELL BAD WHEN YOU GO TO THE BATHROOM AHHHHRRRRGGG ( bedroom is just next to bathroom where litter box for cat is)

okay, anyway this report is for my brain storming of my NaNoWriMo novel.(instead of doing that paper that's due tomorrow, or the hours on the group project, yey me) Okay so my main plot is simple you have the young teen girl Leslie who is train to be a spy for 2 years now under Maxime the neighbored boy, she use strategie and gadget to finish her mission since the agency only work if your not seen. She is mad since she was suppose to have a raise for a while but didn't get it because her mission are to small, but in a family summer trip she accept a really dangerous mission. But under the gases of her older brother and sister she had hard time doing her mission, to only know that her sibling use to be spy for the same agency but got caught once and couldn't work anymore. And all 4 ( sibling and Max) try to succeed the mission but it goes bad.

My main female Character is Leslie
Main male Character is Maxime
then you have older Sister : Lauraline
and I'm stuck on the older brother name!

I know who he is, how he look like, his personality and all but I can't find a good name for him. I have right now :
Sheldon ( that just make me think of Big Bang Theory though XD)

Yeah I know it have to start by an 'S' if possible.. here his small bio:

Age: 21-22
DOB: 25 December
Hair color: Dark brown
Hair length: short and wild
Eye color: brown with a mix of green
Height: 6.2"
Job: Pilot

He is a genius, his parent are all over him and proud and always ignoring Leslie,after the accident as a spy with his lil sister Lauraline, he always blame her for the lost of the spy job.He know how his parents are always ignoring and not caring for Leslie so he try to be friend with her but he is social awkward. When at the summer family trip, him and Lauraline notice the odd behavior of Leslie they try to stop her, only to get deeper in trouble.

Its a new story so I don't have much written for it compare to the fantasy romance story I was planning before, but I really like the feeling of this story. I still don't have a title but if you wish to give me ideas I am grateful for all the help! I will post more about the other character after supper but first!

What you guys think of the idea? I know the character sheet is reaally small but is there something you think I should add to know more about the character or story? What name I should give to the older brother?And for writer or readers of Spy novels ( or movies) is there something I should emphasize more in?Plot, characters, why villain decided to use Nanotechnology to kill millions of people?

thanks and take care!


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