Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Report 49,WORK!

I would take a picture of my work, but it would look like 2 page only, but it feels a lot like that! So last Saturday was work-all-day on project. 8 hour, 8 hours of work down the toilet. I'm working on Unity3d, and my job was to program the Artificial Intellegence of a wizard. He would find the player, advance to a distance and shoot fireball, if the player is to close he would back away with a slow speed.

It fail so baad, I got piss and just scrap everything and whent to bed. Sunday I want down to Grand-Falls with my boyfriend to visite his family and have thanks giving whit them.Had a great time, when to the US for the first time! I got some stuff for the pen-pale exchange for NaNoWriMo, eat at a chinese place and their buffet had so much choice! And their Walmart was HUGE, it took me 5 minute to walk half way I'm pretty sure. NOw my boyfriend is happy that I can cross over. HIs family too, they all want to shop together in the state during Christmas break.

But I find it funny that on that day I throw a penny to a wishing well for help on my homework and on that night, I had a dream, that my friend and her boyfriend was playing a game and explaining to me what it was, but there explication was a tip on how to make my program work.You know I woke up, and I only remember half of the dream ( ghost all the way!) which has nothing to do about my homework, but on the drive back home, I remember it. So I took my laptop and usb, and work away, and guess what. In 8 hours what I couldn't done was finish in 2 hours. I find that so cool. When I came back home I thank my friend XD

Anyway I should go back to my work. Take to you guys later!


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