Monday, October 18, 2010

Zenxara Report...50 HOLLY SHNAP!

yeah.. 50 wow,


Anyway Yesterday something click in my head... We're mid term, in less then 2 week it's November... I have everything started, but nothing works and incomplete. Like I probably say in previous Report, I have 4 game to do, 3 where its the same game but 3 different programming language ( C++, C#,Java), the last one is the group project, and I still have to ask my team manager if we ask the teacher if we can user or product in another class.Oh boy.

I also have a paper to write for... well crap I forgot the paper that goes with the 3 games... I modify my schedule later. Anyway, I need to write a paper for one of my programming language studies and do a power point presentation. I broke every task even ( ish) and wrote it on a white board I see every morning to remind me what to do today.It's basicly that:

  • Python paper done
  • StarShip C++ done
  • StarShip C# done
  • Starship Java done
  • Unity Wizard Path finding done
  • Unity Hit detection done
  • start Power Point for Python presentation
  • Finish power point
  • Make list of things to pack/bring for MIGS
  • paper for StarShip Assignment
A bit confusing for people not in my class so I will try to explain the best of my ability, bear with me. Python is the Programming language I choose to do my research on, and right now I really like it even if I didn't work much with it lately. ( blame on laziness and I don't care anymore)

Unity3d is the programme my team choose to work on our game, and I am charge of writing one the enemy( which is a Wizard) pathfinding, aka the AI...I'm pretty sure I rant on how I hate it on a previous report.I am also in charge of writing the hit detection, is how much does the enemy attack of how much the player attack stuff like that anyway.

StarShip, is the name I give to the game I'm programming.Its an astroid game were the ship shoots at astroid and blow them up, yadi yadi yada. The only thing I got for that is the image, that still don't animate, astroid that don't random places, and transparency that doesn't work. I just send a email to one of my teacher for help before starting this report.

I did a scheduale of day per day of what homework I will be working on:

  • Monday: StarShip work C++
  • Tuesday: Unity all day please
  • Wednesday:python
  • thursday:Unity all day
  • Friday:StarShip work in Java
  • Saturday: Unity all day
  • Sunday: Writing~ :D
that will be what I work on till November hits. By then I should have a few things done. Probably the Python paper will be done and then I can replace that day for a StarShip work, since by the look at it I will have to restart and I think its would be much easier for me. I took an old homework and modified it to do my homework, but it doesn't work much for me I really need to just, start anew.

Saturday I work all day to put more paper in the Sketchbook ( will post a report on the respective blog soon...someday) I took some pictures, but I forgot the camera at my parent place. They change everything at home! My room is now my brother-in-law office, so I had to share a bed with my other sister.

Now my sister is moving out to a house with a friend, like an apartment, she is ranting a room ( the house is so beautiful!) , so when she finally move out her room at my parent place will become mine or also know as the guest room.My big sister is moving back in my parent house, since it will become her house now.My brother-in-law will then work at home and my room become his office.

And in all that! My parent bought a cottage.Really beautiful one too ( only saw the pictures). There is a lot of moving, boxes and furniture exchange everywhere. In the count I have now the living room and kitchen set when I move to my own apartment with my boyfriend in July.Yeah what my parents have right now in the house... it's mine.

I also know a really great news! Since in line 2 years from now, me and my boyfriend want to move in PEI since the game business over there is growing and it's great. But I was afread for the apartment price and the moving and all the money things, and I said: " I wish that the people that own this apartment building would have some apartment in PEI, it would be much easier and would help me a whole lot."

Well guess what. They do. So now I can just ask for an apartment and just worry about the moving part now XD Well I will only worry about that when the time comes.Also I just add the picture now so who ever actually read all this will know what it is. It's my StarShip game. The alien ship was a test to know if it was just my file that was I wonder if it would be the size of it?Donno, I will know soon.Hope so >.>

Well that's all, take care!


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