Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Report 51, less work OM- HAAAA

I work all day for the past few days, except Saturday where I relax and played games all day. My boyfriend found his first few games he bought with his DS and Final Fantasy 3 was in there, I start playing it and never let it go since.

my homework when down a bit. Less Unity work that's for sure, but I really have to start to work on the StarShip homework. Really bad. Tonight I will try and understand how Java programming work and start the StarShip Java version then. I still have C#, witch I will send a email to my teacher for some example since I have no idea how to approach that language.

I have a feeling that I will finish the game in Java easier and faster then in C++, the language I been programming for the past year or so.Also in a few day NaNoWriMo will start and I'm scared, my fear is gripping on me and not letting go. Because of the so much homework I have no idea how I would do it, I still will I know I will, but now I don't know if I'm doing the write story or plan the outline correctly.I have a fear that I wont be able to work much on it and...and abandon it.

I was lost when I start my first year in programming. I didn't know where I wanted to work anymore. But I did some research and then I though I knew what I wanted to do and that was what motivated me enough through half the year.Then it change by the end of my first year. Game story writer, that motivated me, but not enough to care for my homework, I just wanted to write story ideas and pitching ideas. Them, yet again, I notice most of my ideas where to story driven. I just wanted to write a story and I notice that when I start this year, and so my motivation for working on my homework is completely down. Yes I'm really proud and happy/ excited when ever one of my code work the way I wanted, but I just hate all the process to get it there, I don't understand most of the word coming out of my colleagues and teachers.I'm basically just doing what the assignment want me to do and that's it. I failed quiz and test ( mostly quiz) but the assignment I'm not to bad.

I'm a bit afraid I will fail the comparitive programming, but I know deep down if I do the assignment and a awesome power point/ presentation I will succeed.BUt he is throwing us 3 new language to learn in a limit of time, few tutorial explain in 5 min ( it actually doesn't take long I understand the process) and throw a really huge assignment on something the tutorial wont help us with. Like right now for Java, I don't even know if, when I do a new project what to select to post image.I don't even know how to make a new project in netbeans, that's how confuse I am in that new language. I don't even want to go for C# I understand Microsoft visual since that's the software I use for C++ but in C++, to deal with image I use SDL, but in C# its something else that I never heard of. I wrote it down some where.

I an go and tell that to my teach, that I am completely confuse but what can he do to help?Give me other tutorial? I don't know. Even for 3D animation programming, Darren have to sit next to me and tell me step by step what I have to do for it to work and me understand. That's bad, if I can't find the problem and try to figure out a solution I fail as a programmer.Hell that's what basically happening to me now. On the group project my script had to be done 2 weeks ago. 2weeks! I'm still working on it because everything brakes on mee D:

It's only the first term and it feels like the last term. Well I'm off to work on Java with my hearth lighter now that I vent a bit :D I just send a email to my teacher and I'm pretty sure the way I wrote it he can sense how much trouble I'm having, we'll see

take care!


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