Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Report 57, 3 nammme I only need 3 name!

Yeah I'm done planning my novel, its just that hum... I'm missing 3 name for a group of villain and they are friends with my male main character so I really do need names...even if I kill them 5 scene later XD I find it funny on how much my planning and original idea change so much... I plan a scheduled on how much work per day I would need to finish character bio, sketch and one sentence scene input.

I end up scrapping everything and just work from the top of my head from scratch. GASP Ho men I forgot one character so its 4 names not 3... haha I still should just call him men HO NO WAIT BETTER Guy... XD that works ( may work on a better name later)

Okay on other note today I'm going back to college, I still have the Work safety training for 2 days and after that finish my last project and give it to my teacher. After that going down back home and celebrate the Holidays! With 3 cat and a dog, where one cat is over protective of kittens and she may eat the other old cat and dog to protect kitten...ho boy

it gonna be entertaining, but its not the wurst... the wurst is that I need to leave my overprotective cat there with my parents like that I can go to my boyfriend place to celebrate there.And my cat is an expensive cat XD she need to eat a curtain food because she's allergic to other kind of food, we need to clean her left ear once every week because wax build up and she scratch and blood build up.

/sigh... that's not the wurst... my family will leave the animal alone for like a week because they are going to their new camp...well at least they will bring the dog so only the cats will be there so less head eating there but lots of butt biting and scratching... /sigh

We will see what will happen. I don't want to bring the cat for a 3 hour long ( maybe more we're taking the long way) ride to go to my boyfriend place and bother his parents more.

Anyway I will start packing up I need to leave early today to go back home, its really icy outside and the ride may take a while. And I want to leave before dark. I will post another report on about my writing course soon, I finish the lesson 4 but I need to work on it more so before I work on lesson 5 I will redo the lesson 4

take care,


PS: my uncle die Saturday morning at 11. I will miss the funeral because of college but in a way I'm okay because I don't want to see him for the last time like that, I have good memories and will keep it like that.

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