Sunday, December 5, 2010

Report 56, the days after

So It been 5 or more days now that I won NaNoWriMo. I wrote a 50500 word novel in 28 days! Yeah me! :D True there was days where I couldn't write but force myself to at least have 1000 for the days and when I look at the count I would tell myself " I wrote X number of word, its a lot already I can stop there it still tell me that I can write!" but the next day, at 7 I would be back in front of the computer writing away, forgetting what I previously said. Because it wasn't the number I wanted to achieve, but a finish, start to end, novel.And I did.

But it doesn't end there, ever since does days of NaNoing, it open my mind that yes it is possible to write a daily number of words everyday and finish with a complete first draft of a novel, therefore I sign up to Thinking Sideways, a course to teach people how to make writing your full time career, and as much it is scaring me I am finishing my school year in the same time writing a new novel I am aiming to publish. Thanks to the course I'm taking my planning for scene and developing characters are much improve already. I want to a 90k one plot twist boring story to a 120k interesting adventure with life to death villain vs heroes! I could have menage that without it but not in that speed. The course help you open your subconscious to write as one with you, it help you understand better and use both the sides of your brains.

It show you how to plan and come up with good interesting ideas for novel in a deadline, and much much more. I'm still in the idea month ( its a 6 month course, 1 day a week) and I came up with so many ideas and characters I wish to work more on but I am more focus on the main idea right now.

If anyone interest to know more on the course I'm taking right now, there is a link on the right, click on it, it will bring to a page that explain more in detail the course, who is giving it, how you can benefit it an more.

Other then that I will briefly say a bad news before going on better one. My uncle is probably dieing and only a few more days left. My mom send me a text saying he wasn't looking good, but I only saw it after she called sounding worried asking how class was, I'm pretty sure she was about to say that he will be gone soon, but didn't want to effect my studies. I have two project to finish plus a presentation.It only click in my head after I saw the text a few hours after. I hope he is okay now...

Okay....back to good news. I will place a progress bar on how my novel writing will be going, I plan myself to write 1500 word per day, 5 day a week and to reach my goal it will take me 4 months to write it. After I'm done this draft I will use the free paperback of my novel from winning NaNo and let it rest for a month before the revision test starts. Ho also I forgot to mention, about my course, I am also taking mini plot clinic course which if 7 week and completely free!

and now I'm surfing the Internets for a progress bar so I will leave this as it is

take care!

11/11/2011 -> unfortunately I had to take off the HTTS link because Holly Lisle will close her door to new students, she want to focus more on her writing. I accept her decision even if its sad and took out my link.


  1. Congrats on winning NaNo!! Feels good huh? :)

  2. thank you for my first comment ever XD Yes it does feel great. NaNo was the last HUGE push I needed to fallow my dream XD