Saturday, January 1, 2011

Report 58, Happy new year!

Happy new year everyone!

I remember in august I made this list of thing I wanted to do for 2011 and its incredible on how one or two events can just make that list scratch and be thrown away easily. I remember I had so many things in there that I was like : how am I going to achieve this? I only set fake goals and didn't even think how I could achieve it. So last night I though of what could be my resolution for this year. I have two for now and I think its the biggest and what I really need and want.
  1. go on Wii Fit for an hour everyday to get in shape, gain weight and get a better posture. It will help me a lot for I wont have back and shoulder pain anymore ( can already see the difference) I'm way underweight for my age and height and most of my work is always sitting down, I need to work out to be in shape mostly focusing on my leg since they are the part of my body that's weaker.

  2. write 1000 word on my novel daily. I have a aim of 1500 word per day to be able to finish my first draft in time for the free paperback copy I won from NaNo but I know someday it will be hard since I'm still in college and its my last year, even if I know I can do it. But now I don't just have college in the way I have my work out but I already have that in mind. Starting today ( I start the work out last Wednesday XD) I will write 1000 word per day on the first draft of my 120,000 word novel.
so thats my two daily resolution I have for the year 2011. I find it funny for it is my first year I have actually good resolution and will actually hold it. Before it was just my mom pushing me to come with something and again push me to do them, but I was never into it, it was not my resolution for me it was her resolution she wish for me.

How to think sideways course help me a lot to see this, how to make a real goal and write it that I can actually do it and hold it. I mean even if its only the 4 day of using Wii fit, I felt a difference on the second day and Its really fun so I know I will continue until I reach the goal I set in there

okay now I'm playing monster Galaxy on facebook so I probably wont be able to say more since I just capture like 4 monsters and its rare to be able to do that.Its like pokemon! I love pokemon I want to captcher them all muhahahaha... It wont last long I usually only play for hour after that eat, wii fit and write!!

best wish to all and have a nice day!