Saturday, January 8, 2011

Report 60 the magic of Wii-Fit

I'm still waiting to know if it be a good idea for me to change my blog name to be more professional. Also I was able to figure out how to place pages. It was in the middle of my face all along D: Now when I mantion certain project you will know what I am talking about. Also a about me where I ask my friend to take a picture of me. I was expecting you know me just standing and her take a few quick pictures but nop! She install a whole mini photographic studio that she usually place to take professional picture to show off her plushies and too some pictures of me.

We did took some front on picture of me, but it was so...normal. I decided to take something more... fun to look at. Like that that picture represent my personality a bit.... a bit >.> The only page I need to work on now is the resume tab and I be done. I just want to work on it a bit more before posting it.

I have various things to say today.

1. I pre-order white yesterday! :D My friend had to go to staples to print some art for her portfolio and EBGames is just next to it, so we brave the snowstorm and when to the mall XD Now I'm soo excited!

2.I got my student loan and I will be able to re-pay my credits! I have more money this year now that they re-calculated that ho hey my mom doesn't work anymore and she was the money maker at my parent place. When I told my friend how happy I was for having 3000 buck that I was able to pay my last school tuition and pay my bills she just look at me with wide and and said:
"That's it? You only have that?"

Then I remembered that I should have more then that... But because I receive 1000 in bursary every year they don't give me a lot of loan. My friend alwasy have more loan and she's always piss because they keep giving her more money and less for me and she just want them to take some of her money to me XD kinda. Now she will need all that money more then me next year.

ANYWAY Thats not the point. On the 6 I was doing my usually 30 hour to 1 hour of wii fit like usually when my friend who was on her computer, watching me ask if she could tried. She already had the mii character and started might as well. I said sure why not.When I was done I give the remote to her and when to my room for the daily word count on my novel. I laugh cause I just could hear her giggle or complain at some part.

When she was done we talk for a while before she when and took a shower. I was able to finish my word count and was working away on making my blog look awesome when she burst out of the bathroom, towel on the head saying:


I just look at her with a blank face before going " say whaaaa?" and then she explain to me that while in the shower she had all those ideas running in her head and one was mostly what will she do to have money as a seamstress. And then that super awesome idea pop out in her head that I will not mention because it is super awesome, and it is actually posible, lots of work but she be rich from that. There is something similar already out there but really bad marketed and represent.

She told me that when she be a millionaire she was going to give me half the share XD I said no cause I was going to be rich too. And then we were goofing off on how we would trade off a million dollar each in a Tim Horton. Then she told me that I should mark the calendar " Elise got an awesome idea and will become a millionaire" I did but you know on some calendar they mark on the end of the lil square what kind of holiday it is on certain day? yeah on the 6 was epiphany day.

So she had a epiphany in the shower thanks to the wii-fit because she was more awake and energize. Now she is doing wii fit everyday for like 10-30 min XD It was a amazing day that time.

Except from that awesome story, my novel is doing great, I can pop up 1000 word with no effort I love this. I am working on the lesson of HTTS and I'm re-reading lesson 4 and 5 before I can finally go on lesson 6. I am using the black cat project to go through the lesson, and I have notice that I have more idea flowing in my head when I work with a green ink pen. I understand the lesson better when I write with a green ink pen! So I took all the green pen I have ( 4!) and place them always at reach to write.

that's all for me now, ho way no I lied, on some of my earliest report 1-20+ I "edit" them, mostly on the end of the report I place the recent date and write my opinion and what really happen or that I wasn't going to edit my mistake because it show my progress of writing better and god was I childish before! I change so much in the past 2 years its unbelievable. Yes I still talk about pokemon now an then, but that's a given I am a game designer in progress so talking about games and studying them is part of my job. It just happen that I really like pokemon XD

now time to eat and work on lesson 4 before homework time

take care!


PS please comment I would appreciate. I want to know if it be a good idea for me to transform completely this blog into my main professional blog as a writer and game Designer. thanks

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