Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Report 61, easy plotting

So I've been working on Lesson 8 of How To Think Sideways. Basically I take the idea of the story (Black cat project)I've been expanding from lesson 3 to 7 and write the plot card of the number of scene I need for the story. My story have 60 scene 1500 word per scene for a total of 90k word story. I was so sure that I would have a hard time doing that lesson because 60 scene is a lot but anyway I want to school an hour early and decided to work a bit on it, feeling like I was only able to fill out like...5 scene. The only scenes I knew of.

But my muse blew me away! I started alright but I end up with 38 scene. There is things I didn't know about the plot or the story. Things I would not figure out of my characters. It was mind blowing. But now my muse is at rest and wont continue for the next few days. With the 22 scene left I need to bring my story to the end. But I know there is a few scene missing from the beginning. So from the mini story plot class I took ( another class from Holly Lisle with HTTS but free I recommended) there is a lesson about filling the blank with good scene not like padding work. SO when I have at least my ending I will use the rest of my scenes left to pad up the missing plot with good scene.

Now I receive Lesson 9 today and I read through it. And I'm a bit nervous about it since in that lesson we start writing the story now, I knew it was coming but I had hope that I could skip the writing part for a while until I'm done the Villain project, but I can't skip it. The only thing I can do is make sure all the outline of how I will write it, what character POV in what scenes then its the writing part.

I guess it wont be to bad, but I really want to at least finish the villain story ( and find a better title!!) before June like that I get the free paper back of the story and I use it to revise it. And already I know I will need a lot of revision. If I could have waited a bit to get my latest lesson, I know the story would have been much better, but I couldn't wait, now I'm just trying to apply what I learn as I go.

If I finish the Black cat project first. I will use that one for the free copy, and find a better title again. What kind of cover could I get? There is so many character and plot points. I'm thinking of drawing a really important scene that picture the book well and plop that as the cover. Just like the book I recently read. Its "the Rise of Renegade X" by Chelsea M. Campbell (also recommended) the cover was the main character on top of the tallest building ready to jump down. Now when you read the book you know that this scene is very important for the main character is afraid of heights and to save his friend and love one he was ordered to jump down the building.

I want something like that, something meaningful. For my Villain project, I was picturing my two main character running while the villain in the back are shooting at them.Yet again it is a scene that I plan for the story.

We will see in that time to come, I still have to find the title for it haha XD



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