Thursday, January 6, 2011

Report 59 changing name? maybe?

I've been thinking ( like a minute ago) to change the name of this blog to a more professional name... AKA my name, like that I wont loose the two years of me on this blog and all my reports, there is a lot I wish I want to change in my blog to make it possible for me to use it as my writer/ game designer pro website but I have no idea how things work... I didn't learn web programming yet anyway but I will learn HTML5 this term :D

But I want to have like links from other page of the blog of my current project, videos of my games, about me, contact me and all that jazz but when I tried a few months ago I couldn't figure out how to make it work. Or how it work, if someone know please tell me in a comment, I would love it so much.You can call me a noob as much as you want but hey I don't mind, everyone is a noob in one section of their life, and me I have a lot XD

so anyway I started my what 5 term? and I have two class I can't wait to start:

  1. Mobile programming, we will look into all kind of different way to program in games for different kind of cell phone. flashLight, HTML5, JAVAme... and a few more but I can't put my figure on it right now
  2. Flash scripting. HO yeah baby I'm gonna sell more games coming up.
by the end of both those class I will have two game as portfolio pieces. And I already have the ideas in my head so I want to do the design of the graphic like that I don't have to do it in the month I will need to program, cause I will need it a lot. Most of my motivation right now is in writing so I am trying the best I can to focus my time in school to program and at home I do all the writing I want. Mind you I still have a open mind for up coming candy scene for my next project. Which I will only start writing by the end of school year, start of summer. For I mark my villain project ( tentative name right now) to be done before June start like that I can use the free paperback copy I won from NaNo as a revision tool.

And in the same time it give me more freedom to write small amount a day, I still write 1000 word, I find it comes more naturally then when I was doing NaNo oddly. Probably because I love my story and I am more excited to write every scene, I don't hesitate much, I still do but thats because I have a hard time describing some emotion from character I will have to do a loot of revision.

When my student loan comes in I have a lot of books I want to buy ( and re-buy) to use as " study-as-how-to-write-awesome-character-novel" Right now I oddly have the first of harry potter in my list now. I started to read it again, one because it was the closest book at reach and two I nee to read when I have a panic attack and while reading it I notice that I have the same writing style... A bit, there is things I do that J.K Rowling did in the first book so I want to studies it a bit more on how she describe certain emotion on characters, since like I state earlier that's what I'm having a hard time with right now.

I also have the first book of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I love that series and one of my idea I see it being a first person point of view but I'm having a hard time writing it... the only time I don't is when I'm writing as myself, but as another character, I had a hard time. Kinda funny since long time ago that was the only way I could write in first person POV, I guess it differ now since I stop reading first person much. I have a old notebook with a story in it and its in first POV and I really like that style but I stop writing for a year after that story and lost it. I will try to get it back.Some day...

Okay back to school related things I guess. I also have career planning which will be more on how to make a CV for different job, related industry interview and a draft of our portfolio, next term we will apply the draft as a real website, I have a great idea for my student website to represent me. Which will mean a lot of paper, doodles and plaster ( bind-aid... french people call it plaster when translating. Still have a hard time saying bind-aid... Its so... odd) cause I have a lot of cuts from paper and it burns XD

I also have a network class where I program my own network kind of thing... like a chat room I will program a chat room. I have another class I don't remember the title off my head right now but I know its something similar to project management, I will be in group and produce a game.

Guess that's all for the school part. I have other news! which is old for probably most of you but Pokemon black and white is coming out the march 6! :D I am pre-ordering white next week. I soo can't wait but that's not all! The other game I wanted Monster tale is out in march also! AND THE 3DS TOO!! :D I don't know what to do anymore I now I am not getting the 3DS right away. I will wait a bit in case that there is some bug in that version I will get the next version or something. I will get Pokemon white no mater what that's for sure! But due to being strict on finence I may only get Monster Tale a bit later too when the price be lower... maybe >.>

Except of all that I receive the lesson 8 from How To Think Side Ways but I just finish working on lesson 5. I had to restart since I notice the way I was working was... well bad. I was working on one lesson on one idea and the next lesson on something completely different and I couldn't understand certain lesson ( 5!) because of that so I stop before it was to late and restart. In a green pen! :D I notice I am more productive if I work with a green pen XD I was able to bring one tiny scene into a full plot twist, believable character and a world in less then 2 days. And my scene doesn't even match what I got.

My scene was a black cat looking through a window leaves falling. You could see that it was fall since the color of the leaves where red and yellow. Now I still have a black cat but he is running for his life to find a cure to save his owner while the wife is protecting the shop from being taken away from bad guys. The cat part sounds more interesting and I know I will focus more on him... I name him Sir William McKitten :D he is base on my sister cat


and his arch enemy is Pixie LadyCat, my cat XD she is soo evil haha.


The wife name is Terra Anderson and I laugh because one of my teachers two years ago is name Tara Audibert really close but comeplately different personality. I also have two dog german sheperd name Phil and Tuk, their Terra body Guard since she was in a ex abuse relationship so her selfestime is really low and she doesn't trust men much. How she becaume the wife of the black cat owner? simple the men is dieing, that's how William bribe her.

When I get a separate page work on I will have a better summery in current/ up coming project.

well I will stop there, please comment of what you guys think I should do,
take care!


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