Monday, June 2, 2014

Report 138 - Midway in 2014

We are already in June! WOOHOO

For this report, I will analyze my progress in 2014 goals.  I told myself that this year I would be more productive, that I would follow the path I made.  And boy did I have a lot to tell you.

On the mark of four months, I finished more then I ever had in two years I'm pretty sure.

Here is what I had wrote for my Big Fun Scary List of 2014 and what I was able to accomplish so far.

  1. Once a week,post half a chapter of Not a Super Villain
    • I actually finished posting Part one of the story AND revised part 2 AND am going to self-publish it in two  weeks.  I want above and beyond what I had plan, and though I was only  be able to finish.
  1. plan,outline and write
    • That…didn't go as well as I hoped.  Mostly because I focused more on Not a SUper Villain then anything, but also I keep moving from one idea to another.  I did plan and outline half an arc story. Start writing Winter Frost, but I didn't like how it was going so I stopped.
  2. 333 project ( winter)
    • This went better then I hoped. I cleaned my cloths that didn't fit me or things I wasn't going to were anymore.  I cleaned maybe two bags worth of stuff.   I did winter cloths and summer cloths.  I think I still have to go through some of the article of clothing I have again.
  3. clean out the clutter in my office
    • four to five bags after, It is actually done.  It is one of the best achievement I ever did.
  4. paint
    • I paint once and a while, when the mood strikes.
  5. eat better
    • Better then before, but still could do better
  6. do the tools everyday
    • I didn't even touch this. I should, but I don't think I will, mostly because I don't remember, and ignore my reminders.
  7. Evening routing
    • was consists of preparing my lunch for the next day, but so far, I ain't gonna do it.
  8. Morning routine
    • I was good, following what I wanted for four months, and then I stopped for no reason?  I want to continue however.  It consists of meditation and getting ready and stuff.  I want to do meditation more often again.
  9. participate and donate to NaNoWriMo 2014
    • Unsure if I want to work on Poison Seed story, or Not a Hero story.  But at least I still have a couple of more months.
  10. read less fan fiction and more book that I actually own.
  11. Learn ASL?
    • I bought a book for learning as a started, but I didn't really study it since I want to focus on my Wizardry right now.
  12. Less Tumblr
    • surprisingly, I am doing good on this goal.  I cleaned the blogs I was following to only the few that I actually care and enjoy their company.  and limiting my time on it to focus more on my writing, and now my online classes.
  13. Finish college in Honours
    • Most of my grades were above 85 (maybe three were in the 85+, most of the others were in the 90's and over.) so I am not worried about that now.  I am graduating in two weeks, which is scary.
  14. get a job
    • I accepted a temporary job were I am doing my training right now, so at least I have that.  It isn't permanent, but at least it will keep me afloat until I find something else.
  15. use the library to get books instead of buying them.
    • I am doing extremely good on this.  I just finished reading books that was on my to-read list.  Now I have some only classes I need to focus on so my reading changed from fiction to Mythology and Divination.  It's actually topics that I enjoy and read on my own time anyway so I am doing well.
so yes, out of 6/15, that is more then I ever thought I would accomplish.  And yes, some I didn't work on, but others I went above and beyond working on them.  Others,  I am doing the best that I can and that is all that I need.  THe best that I can.

I am now working on some online classes like I mention before, so new goals will come and other will have to go for another year.

However, compare to my other years in goals, this is the most I ever accomplished.  I knew that I was going to try harder to follow my goals this year, but I didn't actually see progress until I sat down and looked at my list again.  Only when I was starting to cross off things of the list that I noticed, hey, I am amazing, I am further in my goals that I ever been in half my life.  This is amazing.

I am proud of myself on the journey I have taken, and what is coming along my path.  I have come a hell of a long way, and now I am less afraid of the journey ahead of me.  There is more to learn, and I will be ready.

Blessed be


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