Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Report 137: Movies can influence your dream. And make you a badass motherfucker.

I had a dream that I was in the mall with my best friend, we were look in a new tiny shop that would sell purses and I was looking at a beige one cause they where really nice looking. It was getting late and me and my friend decided to leave after I did my purchase. Had a weird argument with the cashier that wouldn't use my debit when she just served a men before me acting all dumb like she didn't know how to use it. When she finally got a clue and start the transaction, the whole place lost power. Everything went dark. It was closing time, so not a lot of shops where open now and the tiny shop had the railing up, ready for closing after I was done. BUt there was something weird outside. It was to quite. Slowly, me,my friend, and the cashier walk toward the doors leading outside. TO ONLY BURST A GIANT MOTEHRFUCKER MONSTER!

That...thing looked a lot like the monsters in the Scooby too movie. It was huge, three time the size of a human and was growling and screeching, the leftover people in the mall was panicking and running away. I pushed my friend back in the tiny shop ( the cashier was eaten.) and hid behind the counter until the monsters where further inside.

The exit was block because of debris. I stoled my purse I wanted to buy and slide it over my shoulder, made the strap short like that it was just under my arm. My best friend did the same. We manage to go into other shops. We break in, breaking the doors, not really caring since you know THERE IS GIANT MOTHERFUCKER MONSTER IN THE MALL. I stoled a gun and a shoulder strap, setting it all up. I remember my friend freaking out asking if I even knew how a gun worked? I told her NOPE and pack a bunch of ammo clips in my stollen purse. My friend did the same, and pack a torch and a bear knife. I remember everything from the dream in super detailed and its scary. I took a smaller torch. the place was getting darker from the sun setting and we still could hear the monster moving about, a lot  things getting destroyed and smashed.

Like we where fucking FBI trained me and my friend tried to get in further in the mall, knowing that in a bigger shop Zellers or something that they have a receiving in the back, and wanting to leave through there. We were ambush in the middle of the Zellers, fucking using ninja move and shoot that thing dead. FUcking scaring the shit out of me. That thing is huge, wrinkly and scary. We moved the dead monster behind a counter and continue toward the back. until we got in the receiving which was in chaos and pitch black. We went all in the back until I noticed a person inside a room in the far back. There was too much junk blocking the exit door so I open the door, scaring the shit out of the men inside. We barak the door and stayed there for a few hours until we heard some noise. I had a fight with my friend because I wanted to check it out but she said it was to dangerous with those things outside. But I argued back that the the noise was different, more quite then the huge barrel the monster makes. So I want out, giving orders that the other doesn''t open the door to anyone unless its me.

And it was a bunch of cops, outside we yelled at each other gun drawn out. I didn't want to stand down. Expecially when they said there was no monsters out there. I woke up then, with me glaring at cops because they didn't believe me when there was giant motherfucking monsters out there.

I think I need to watch Hawaii five-o before going to bed....and scooby doo's movies XD At least I didn't wake up scared, I was pretty calm in my dream.Like I knew what to do even though I had no training except from watching cop movies and tv show.

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