Thursday, February 28, 2013

Report 136: On the island.

(picture not mine, I googled it. Confederation Bridge)
We've been living on the island for more then six months now, and I finally place paintings up on the wall! Well two. ANd I laugh since the two I placed first are made by my best friend that she give me when she moved out of the apartment few years ago. I also cleaned up my office, I changed a few things around so now I can actually close the door of my wardrobe.

I've been writing lately, but not on what I should be actually working on, oups. I wrote the full outline for the second book of my Ghost Trackers series. Then I worked a bit on the first novel, but I should do more then that. I just been...focused on something else, mostly homework since mid term have passed and now I need to study for exam that will be coming quicker then I though.

I did apply for some jobs on the island, since me and scott talked and we agreed that we want to stay for another year. We love our apartment and the island, we don't want to move out. Yes it would be easier on us if we would stay in New Brunswick, but it is our decision and we love living here.

Scott is working his way to try and get an assistant manager job where he is working. NO one really believes him when he asked because he only been working for them for a couple of months, but he is dedicated and works hard.  I'm also going to have an interview ( via SKYPE! :D) next week. Totally sure it was today but then I check the email again and it was March 7 so I was like: Daannmm.

Nothing much happen in the month, except for the "reading week" which is their version of March break. I had plan to read all my books but instead I just...tumblr all day and clean the apartment. Fun times. Okay yes I got skype finally when I was talking with my best friend where I missed the sowing machine loud noise. She said "why not?" and it made me download skype but I didn't even call her yet, I got a call from my mom and now they are calling at least once a week or every two weeks or so.

its awkward, because I have no idea what I can talk to them. I just find it funny because every time they call scott is working at nights so they miss him. And I mean, there is so much I can talk about two classes. I could talk about my progress in my writing but the only thing that interest them is if my grammar is perfect, not the story ( which is depressing, so I keep it to myself).

For valentines day, Scott changed the plan at the last minute, we had previously planned that I would have cooked him a dinner at home while he worked until 5, but then he wanted to go out. And I was like, your kidding me! Its Valentines Day! so yeah, we got no place at all, even if I tried to call in advance for reservation, but not only was it Valentines day, but it was Kids eat free day ish. NO PLACE AT ALL. We ate at McDonalds. I got books, I let him get a DLC for Skyrim.

I FINALLY GOT A BOOK BY JOHN GREEN! I got Paper Town. I still didn't read it since I'm half way into Cinder like a week ago. And I still have a bunch of books I want to read that are all placed accordingly on my desk.Its quite pretty.

Anyway I have to go, one assignment needs to be written and a outlines has to be planned.

Take care,


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