Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Report 90 brochetta Pizza

I made a list, at work, of all the things I wanted to say in this report. The big one is that I bought the domain name so in a few days the blog will be! And I slowly changed the google account like that I will stop using my hotmail as the google account.

Secondly, I finished the Week 1 part 2 of the HTRYN, and it was amazing! I learn more during this lesson then I did doing HTTS. I'm going to start week 2 soon, after I write down the bigger change I did from the story I imagine to the story I wrote. There is a few one is that I can't write a villain for my own sake. AT all, most of my story was the character moving forward because he wanted to free some ghost and all, the villain wasn't there most of the novel witch was wrong because he is a big part of the war so That's one problem that need to be fix. The others are mostly my character acting out of well characters and some scenes where the description where to vague and I couldn't see it.

Third, There is a guy at work who called me "your highness" It made my day XD AND I was for 15 minute I only pose for pictures for my manager to get ready for some presentation she have to do. It was hilarious. My parents also came down to visit last Sunday, they where only coming down to show off their new truck. We want to go shopping a bit after, and well I'm broke now. But I got new clothing that I can actually wear under my uniform so its a plus.

My Christmas shopping is nearly done, I'm only missing my dad and my sister boyfriend again but now I'm back to eating my pizza finish week 1 and start week 2 of revision,

take care :D


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