Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Report 91 new cellphone

I didn't get the new phone, scott did. I got fed up that his only have an hour of battery life so I point to a touch telus phone that Staples sells and told him I would go half on it. So now here it is, next to me charging. We still have to do the switch account phone thing, but it may take some times we both working really hard, me for the fact that its Christmas rush and him: the end of his term.

This week have been really hard on me, I couldn't get enough sleep and was really tired at work but I got better, I was able to get some sleep last night, AND we lost power at the store, I was able to leave half an hour before my shift ends, for two hours I was paid to sit around and watch the emergency light go off one after the other. When I left it was pitch black and we had each an glow stick/ flash light for safety more then anything. After I left, not even 10 minute the power came back on XD

I want and got scott at his college. He wasn't at home so I search for him, there was only two place I could think off and college was the first one XD We eat out ( well he did I got an ice cream ) and got him to buy a new cell phone, because it was his old one fault that I half panic and didn't know where he was.

I got him the LG telus touch screen one powered by Android now I'm jealous, but he said that if there is something of the same amouth ( 120$) he would pay half like I did for a christmas gift. He refuse the Kindle idea because I already have a kobo :C I tried.

So now I'm thinking of what I need ( and want) for around that same price I could get.

Also Gini Koch newest book is out but its not in eBook format yet :C I'm so sad, I was so excited to read it and now I still have to wait. Plus I made a deal with Scott, that there is some book I have that I don't read anymore, if I find a way to sell them or get ride of them I can get more eBook instead.

SO I place some of my book on Amazon, nothing yet happen so I will try and place a few more up to sell and see. If nothing happens, well I will loose 300 buck worth of books and donate everything to my local library. They would love me right there.

Talking about books, I'm working on the NaNoNovel proof copy I can get for free from the coupon I got from winning this year, I set up my novel like I wanted and just have to set it up on the website but there is something wrong from the way the text is saved that it doesn't resize correctly when I upload it to the proof, so I need to play around with the setting on acrobat or Word or something.

I also, close, to finish christmas shopping. Missing my dad and my godson. I took out the money I needed for christmas shopping and will give my credit and debit card to Scott, to stop me from spending all the time now! So many sells! So many shiny new things I want! BUt anyway, there is already one order from Chapters that got it wrong I have to send him back and try and get it again. We will see.

ON other sad news, the cheap ring that scott bught me started to rust :C It was a ring he bought when we went to maine with his parents, it would change colout depending of my mood ( mostly by my fingure temprature, it was always blue or purple.) and it was cheap so it started to rust from over abusing XD

I ask him to get me a new one at least up to 10$. it was a joke since, the first ring he got me was from a 25 cent slot machine, the second one was the mood ring thatw was around 5-7 buck so I was teasing him that at least the next one be 10 buck. So when we went to Wal - Mart I saw a rack with silver rings for 12 bucks I laugh, pick one I like and my size and ask if he wanted to buy it for me XD

SO I got a new shiny silver ring, that doesn't turn my fingure green ( fake silver and coper turn my fingure green because I have to much iron in my blood, something under that line.)

I like it.

ON my novel part, its going there slowly, with the Hollidays and jobs I had hard time spairing an hour or two to work on it, but I still am, I find the time and work a few page a night, its better then nothing.

Well thats everything, see you next week :D

take care,


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