Thursday, December 29, 2011

Report 95 the jazz

I forgot yesterday was Wednesday, that and I was so tired and hungry, I had just came back from a 8 hour shift and I was a bit sick on the last few hours.

Me and Scott are back home, we want grocery shopping, and I got a new keyboard and mouses! :D I wanted for a few months a new keyboard with buttons on the to to click next, pause or play my music. It was on special on staples for like 20 bucks and its really great. I'm not use to the mouse yet, its so fast!

except for that, today will be a busy day, I have to go and fax my papers for the student loan, get a few other things, hair cut. I'm going to pick up a parcel that been here since the 23, I can't wait to open it, I think its my knock knock items I got a few weeks ago.

My nanonovel I order is still stuck in Quebec. I a bit disappointing, I paid 40$ for the books to be here on the 22 of December. ON the 22 the books where just finish production and was just shipping. If I knew that I wouldn't receive it in time that I wanted I wouldn't have paid for extra shipping, now I'm just losing more then anything. I will ask whatsup on why I didn't receive it in time, if its been more then 2 weeks. One week I would understand, but more then two, hell no. I paid for express shipping here.

Now that the biggest stir is done, I'm back to revising my novel, I miss it actually, I didn't brought it with me for the week I was at my parents place, because I though I would be to busy with my family. I was busy, but I still manage to read Gini Koch latest book on the Alien series.

anyway, I don't have more to say, we're both alive, lots to do to finish the year 2011, back to revising, the jazz.

Take care!


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