Friday, December 16, 2011

Report 93

So, today I was just surfing on Tumblr,procrastinating the important phone call I have to make when I came over something cool, it was just a picture of someones background. I've been in a Marvel mood for the past, well , month or two now. and what I saw was AMAZING :D

It was a background acting like Jarvis from the Iron Men movies, my reaction of course was to ctrl save and use it as my back ground for like...45 second until I read the post and saw that hey, it interact too!

Curious I look up the links the person posted and check it, but feeling warry I download it in my laptop, like that if something bad happen to it, I wouldn't feel bad.


When I saw it works well on my laptop I jump back on my desktop and did the change! So here it is:

The center button open up Chrome, I had to download iTunes for the music plays work properly, I still have to fix up the dimension because I have a big screen XD But I laugh SO HARD, when I click on play on the music to see if the path I coded worked and Highway to hell started to play XD

The weather channel is set on Miramichi on the picture but I changed to Bathurst because the Miramichi path is broken, it doesn't say if its sunny or cloudy.

The visual part is a slide show, I set it on the wallpaper file I had before on my last background that would change image every 3 minutes.

So there you have it, thats what I've been doing for all morning XD what would be MORE cool would be that the circles would actually move allong, but thats to much programming and I don't understand rainmeter well enough to frig with it, I'm happy on how it stand right now XD

Now back to figuring out iTunes.

take care,


For people who are interest about rainmeter and, well , Jarvis here are the links
Jarvis theme

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