Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Report 94 Emergency vacation

I had took a week off for the holiday, 23-29, I made sure with my managers that they give me those days off.


Well it changed. My boyfriend got really sick on Friday so I brought him to the hospital thinking that it was just a cold getting wurst and he would need better medicine. HA

He finally was out of the Hospital yesterday at 330, he had a heart infection, and the doc at Miramichi as sooo sure it was a heart attack that there is damage on his heart (note my sarcasm), we want to Saint John for test and now he is fine, the heart still soar but he have medication he have to take for 2 weeks straight.

He can't do much for two month though, no driving, no drinking, no sport, no fun. But just the fact that he is fine is enough for me, he is with his parents right now, he need to be with his family, I miss him, but we text time to time, well I text him, he sleeps through it, poor guy he barely had any sleep with the nurses poking him every two hours.

Bt yeah, my week vacation that I made sure I had off, is gone, I had to call work and ask if I could switch my week of for this one because of an emergency and I told what happen, they are nice, they said no problem and done it, but I still have to call and ask when I be back to work, I'm ready to be back to work Monday!

I actually film my stay at the hospital for Scott, he wanted me to record it, I have the cafeteria, some of him looking all sad, the hotel we stayed and... I think thats it, I have them in my other computer. I charge my camcorder for some holiday fun filming. I have a few days to relax and take a breathe, I'm still on the edge because Scott isn't here for me to watch over him, but I be okay.

I didn't bring my novel though, with my family hovering I knew I wouldn't be able to work on it much, but I was able to work on a few pages when I was at the hospital with Scott.But I downloaded new books: "Alien Proliferation" by Gini Koch and "the lost hero" by Rick Riordan.

Two books I couldn't wait to read, and now that I have them ( since Saturday) I didn't even touch them! I started the Alien one of course on the drive but I got a bit carsick and tired so I let it down. But now I have four whole days of nothing but family and relaxation so what better way to relax then reading books :D

and now it's time for me to go, take care !


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