Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Report 92 Marvel

I had a dream, few days ago, that I was working for Reed Richards and he bought the store I work at right now, so my job was to clean the shop and pack the box to bring the shop empty for him to transform it into some kind of lab or what ever. BUT when I was pouching a dolly full of box I heard the news that was on a fat TV suspended on a wall (that we dont have but was in my dream anyway) that there was an explosion and the fume of it revevied all the super hero and villain in the contry. I saw that some cities where bombard and they need heros

SO I ran to Reed, told him the city needs him and the fantastic 4 but he ignore me mumbling that science is more important, so I got mad telling him that millions of life is more important then silly experiment and storm off.

I pass a magazine stan ( that we don't have again, but was just ...there) close to where the TV was but where I wasn't. There was old comics on it about Avengers and X-men I took one up and flip through it, thats when Sue

Just apeared next to me saying that the city needs help that if I saw the news or that Reed saw the news. I told her that I told him but he is to much into his science to find a cure or something to stop the fume that reviveds super villain and heros then trying to protect the city. +

She got angry sortoff and say she will talk to him, and then Storm from X-Man got next to me. She told me about some strategic plan and that her and the avengers will help the city but will need back up, ready to help I volunteer and said I would call Professor Xavier and tell him that we needed X=men, cause they where better heroes right now.


I woke up after that, I didn't even had time to call the x-men, I was running to reach the phone then I woke up confuse, and I got MORE confuse when I got to work in the morning because the evironment look excactly like my dream so I was expecting the fantastic four and x-men to just fly through the door and demande the managers XD

Except for that epic dream nothing much happened. I ordered my NaNoNovel copies with the NaNo win coupon. BUT It wasn't the proof copy this year it was, not only one but FIVE copies of the NOVEL itself. FIVE!! I got 110 buck worth of novels for FREE I only payed shipping (express) that was like..22 buck. How epic is that. I'm supposed to received them next week or so.

I'm still on week 2 of the revision part, I've been working a lot lately because of Christmas time, plus my boyfriend got a men cold and I've been doing supper straight after work, I get so tired that I can't concentrate long enough to understand what I'm reading most of the time and I'm afraid to miss important cues. But I'm at page 70 of 164. I have Friday off and will be working on it more then.

Also, the Student loan people finally tried to contact me! They called my parent place first and left a number for me to call, dad said there was also a letter, I hope in a way that there is a email that I can contact, the only time I can call back is Friday and I want that day to be Revising day.

I don't want to call during my break at work since I know its going to take longer then half an hour and its impolite to eat while taking a really important call. And anyway I'm applying for an extention for another 6 month I don't pay without intres because well I'm only a part time at work and half my pay goes to on the rant and food, the other is to pay my student credit on my other bank.

Except of that, Christmas is coming, I finish most of my gift shopping, just missing my dad. I got fed up with Scott cellphone because his battery life only lasted an hour and when I would come back home, from a storm after work, and he wasn't home yet, I get scared something happen and he wouldn't answer his phone, so I got piss, chuck his phone away and bought him a new one with my visa.

I'm so jealous.

Its a pre-paid phone from Telus, its touch screen and android powered I want it so baad, but its barely a year I got my phone and I want a iPhone anyway so I wait. He like it a lot, it really easy to use and we didn't have to go to the Telus store to change phone we manage online so it was quick and easy with no brain damage XD

Anyway, that was all I wanted to say, how is your holiday shopping coming along? Anything you would love to have this year?

take care,


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