Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Report 83, NaNoWriMo

Last year, I start something that change me for the rest of my days. I start NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month. This year is no different, with no project, homework and people expecting me to do my best on my school work, I can finally focus on what I like to do. Write.

Last year, I wrote a fantasy novel, the idea was in my head ( as a fanfic of some sort) since the summer 2009, I wrote it in a black, wireless bind, notebook. In summer 2010, I decided I would participate in this crazy event and brain storm for an idea for what to write, completely forgot about the idea I wrote in the black notebook a year ago. I came up with this ghost story, but I was in the middle of work so I couldn't write it down much. Coming home I rush to my room and took the first notebook in my head to write to idea down, to brain storm it. But the book was full, I was shock, I didn't remember completing any notebook before, so I open it in the first page and read it all. I had more then 10 story flush out in there, but one caught my mind and I couldn't take it out.

The Magician Servant came to be in November 2010.

I never forgot the ghost story since that day, but it change so much during that time. I didn't understand what my muse was telling me I couldn't see properly what he was showing me. He got mad and stop all together. I tried to write a story I though I liked, but failed. There was something that stop me from getting into writing that story, full of heroes, mysteries and action.

When I was stuck, again, frustrate that I could go past more then 300 word a day, my best friend give me new pens and textured paper. The pen, was new to me and I wanted to test it, I pop the green ink in it and stare at it in front of a blank white paper.

what to write?

And it came to me like a wave, scene after scene, ghost, tacky uniforms, romance, mysteries, powers, everything was there, in a corner of my mind, tuck away carefully waiting for the day I would discover it, the day I would appreciated it without even thinking about making sense of it and just write it like it was telling me.

I wrote the whole story, in 3 months, I hand wrote it on a sketchbook, I was able to finish it with around 50K also. And now, satisfied and love the story that I was telling, November 2011 is here and its now time to tell it again, the real way, what really happen for NaNoWriMo 2011.

For everyone doing NaNoWriMo this year good luck! :D I take a sip of my cold tea for you all to wish you a great month of none stop writing!

take care


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