Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Report 86 Christmas gift :D

I had other things I wanted to said, but I didn't write them down and then I forgot. BUT I got a new toy :D I bough a camcorder, its basically mine and Scott Christmas gift from each other. We wanted to exchange Guild Wars 2 for Christmas, but I don't thing it be coming out soon.

I change my picture, I cut my hair and it's so much shorter then what I had before so I want to wait until I get a better picture, for now the one I place is what my work station looked like during Last year NaNo. It was a DUMP It still is but humm I got a 'L' shape desk so I don't have to use my bed or the small table.

I also edit my Writing page with a preview of Ghost Trackers, the novel I'm finishing writing now, and the sentence of a novel I will write to push down the GT story for when its ready for me to revise it. I modified my goal page with some 2012 ready. I want to participate to ScripFrenzy this time and NaNoEdMo were I  schedule 50 hours to edit a novel.

I also have one that I'm not sure I would have the guts to do and its videoblog. A Daily videoblog. Now that I have a camcorder I always admire the people who had the guts to do it and I would like to try it out. I would start at the first of January and continue onward. And I find that in 2012 a lot will happen since I be working on my novel, Scott will graduate and we would start a new life together as we will try to find work for him and move around. It be interesting.

But just talking out loud, to a camera is not something I do. saying my though out loud is not something I'm use to I usually plan ahead and make index card or something. But I want to break that, that's why I want to do videoblog, I want to break my fear that block my brain to mouth connection and make me sound like an idiot. I want to have confidence to say what I need to say out loud in a voice. And I though that maybe this would be one way for me to do so.

I'm still debating, we will see.

I also change the style of the blog, I do that often I can't stay with the same style long enough, I did this because on my Writing page, with my old style it did show the difference when I bold the titles, so I change it to be less confusing because I had a report that I bold some title of novel to stand out and I could see it and it was very hard to read. And I like this style, it make me think of my novel, I just wish it was green instead of blue. I  probably will make my own background to make it look and feel like my novel, it be epic.

And now I have to go I still  have 2k to write to do my goal of the day. I just didn't want to forget to post a report I work late tonight, if I remember what I wanted to say before I will make another post.

take care everyone!


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