Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Report 85 Its getting better then I hope

Its the first time that I don't want to go to work D:

I want to go back to college cafeteria, plug my laptop and write my novel. I've been doing well with NaNoWriMo and my novel, for two days I was going to the College cafeteria and was writing away until lunch. I was able to fill up 10k right there!

Its going very well I really like my story but I know I will need major revision, so I bough yesterday ( a year later) "How to Reviser your novel" by Holly Lisle. Just like last year, in mid November I bought "How To Think Sideways", a course on how to take an idea for a novel, polish it and bring the novel to live. How to Revise your novel will bring the novel you have to the novel you want!

In a way I shouldn't have bought it, my finance is really tight, but Holly Lisle will close her door to new student soon because she wants to focus on her writing ( Understandable) and I didn't want to miss the oportunity, so I jump on it when I had a 20% discount from graduating HTTS

I am glad I did, I wont regret it, never did for the HTTS not gonna start. It made me see though that I have to start paying my student credit, I'm close to my limit. So I decided, every paycheck I'm going to cash out a 100$ and will save for my other bank to pay the credit. It will take a long time to pay for it, but I know I will get some bonus or time I will be able to pay more then 200$ a month. Its better then nothing right now really.

Also I finally got "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxies" from the library and I though it would been...thicker, like 300 pages but its 180 pages. I nearly finish it when I got it, nearly I started to late and I had to go to bed before I could finish it. I will tonight for sure there is only like 40 pages left. Puff. But  Ihave to order the other books, there is 5 in total in the series. And really I was impress more buy the fact that the movie was word from word from the book, its fun. I really like it, its just my kind of cup of tea. (LOL tea :D)

I also started Good Omen like last month, but I'm having a hard time reading it. So I took a break for that one and reading the rest of the books I have here. I have the whole Sherlock Holmes series that I've been waiting to start, some of Cecelia Ahern books I ordered that I didn't read yet.

I also start watching a new TV show on ( all hail online tv) its "Once Upon A Time" where fairy tale is mix with real life, its very good, I like it, you can see (if you tilt your head a bit) the fairy tale story being told again but in this town where no one can leave and no one can come in. It's a very interesting concept of writing, if it would be a book I would read it, its well plot out.

Anyway I have to get ready for work, unfortunately, I will probably fix up a few things on my blog, one a new about me page, I don't like what I wrote. Then my writing page, I will actually place a few information on my Ghost Trackers novel GASP! But before all that I have to write 1667 word on my novel.

take care everyone!


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