Thursday, November 24, 2011

Report 88 Revising without Revising.

I really like the How To Rivise Your Novel class, I really do.

I start the first week class and had to stop because I wanted to wait a bit more like that the story when I read it, it would be something fresh in my mind and I wouldn't remember much on how I wrote it (not working so far). BUt then I remember on how I started and it made me think about how the first few lines doesn't say who is the main character at all, and on how I wrote the MC sister, she is supposed to be bold, not afraid to say whats on her mind and is the first in line to kick ass in some fights, but I wrote her mostly...doing nothing like a robot waiting for a coint to be insert. I hate that, and I was thinking on how to change it before i want to bed last night.

I woke up with a great idea, it match what I did when working on the worksheet of how my story came to be in the first place, on how my MC couldn't see the ghost but his blood was attracting ghosts like Honey to bees, and his two friends, they where there around him all the time because they where assign to protect him until they figure out what the hell is wrong with his blood to attract so many ghosts.

But then I'm cutting one treat that will make me have to write the whole story again ( well I wrote it in two weeks I think I can do it again no sweat.), I decided that Yuki wasn't the MC sister anymore, she would be older and she would be his bestfriend, that he knew Curt before, but he knew him as Curtis so when Yuki talk about Curt he though of a different person all together.

Basicaly I will write the story that I first saw in my head that made me want to write it in the first place. Its going to be so epic. Its like reconnecting to old friends again!

ON other note, 1. I got my donation gift from NaNoWriMo today! :D I got a bookmark and a bumper sticker that I slide in the HTRYN binder. The bookmark is staying close to me. 2. We lost electricity for a while. I find it funny because I was reading a comic online on my computer and I look down to check the time and was like: " Ho I should start working on my short story, well I will finihs this comic, only a few page left then I will start-" POOF Computer shut down.

At first I though it was just my computer so I quickly got up to check my alarm clock and saw it was off also so I was relieved. But then when I went out to get Scott from college because they lost electricity also not only did I hear lots of siren but the radio was down also XD So now I;m curious to what happen. If the power would have been down for another hour I would have probably start the revision worksheet, but I was too busy trying to figure out how to say this report that when I finally had mark everything down the power went back on.

So I jump on to write this report XD so now I'm back to normal procrastination from writing, tomorrow I'm off work but they have this door crashers where basically they have HUGE sales on a few items and one of it is a 32GB USB drives that I want so I'll be grabbing one quickly. I have to be up and early this morning, the car gets new tires and I cant wait, there is already snow on the ground today so it was a bit slippery with my old tires.

take care


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