Thursday, November 3, 2011

Report 84

Something amazing happen to me last night, and I couldn't wait to tell it. I still cant wrap my mind into it, half my brain said I saw it, the other say I was dreaming, but I knew I wasn't since I woke up from a nightmare when it happened.

I guess I will start from the begining yeah?

For two nights, Scott was away to Montreal for his class trip and I've been having a hard time sleeping, because, well I get scared when I'm alone, and night with the silence and the darkness, doesn't help my fear. Last night, I had a weird dream, that could have been consider as a nightmare. I was backing away in a coridore, pushing down plates, knifes ( no idea why there was a block with knifes on a cabinet in a hallway but it was there) in front of me, trying to slow down they woman coming at me, angrily. And thinking of it now, she look a whole lot like me, but she was a psychopate, who wanted to eat me alive really so I was scared shitless, trying to get away but the house was block down and the only door to escape, she was blocking it.

I was scared, and I knew, my sucontion knew that I was dreaming so it was forcing myself to wake up but, the dream kept pulling me back, I saw a few version I got up on the table, trying to pring down the chandalair on the demon lady, fuzzy seeing my covers, and the next scene, she was looking up at me in surprise, her corner of her lips was bleeding and I could tast blood in my mouth. Then it was dark I saw a light, that I knew was the moon light. I was waking up but not completely. The last scene I saw before fully waking up was her, screaming, her mouth wide open, like if she crack her jaw down, full of blood, her eyes on fire, demon really.

I woke up, heart beating fast cause hell it was scary as shit and really realistic but I was staring straight at Pixie. From how you know as be dead for two months now, because she was sofering, but she was looking at me, her head tilt like asking whatsup, you okay, can I get pet now?

I didn't blink, I wasn't sure what I was looking it, I knew it was Pixie, but it look like a glass, moving glass form of my cat. I heard a purr, but it was covered by a stupid car screatching its tire in front. I got more scared, still having the image of the screaming demon lady in my head and looking at a glass form of my decead cat I look away.

But Kitty cat had another idea, I saw her move on my arm and look down at me. I did blink then, and she was still there. I didn't know what to do, I tried to lift my arm but I couldn't it was so heavy,so I want on auto pilot, when Pixie was still alive she would do that to me in the middle of night to get attation a bit or just to make me move to get a place on the pillow, so I nod to her to move up over my head to get my pillow, and I saw her move over my face, and get on my pillow.

I was still regestrating what the hell I was seeing, I move to look up on my pillow, and there was nothing. I look around and it was just empty, no more car tire scratching and anything. I look at the time: 5 in the morning. So I cuddle scott pillow, close my eyes and said to myself.

The fuck?


  1. she's always there event after life to steal my pillow XD