Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Report 82 Discoveries~

I've been living for 3 years in Miramichi now, and I still descover new stuff. Like a few days ago, I finally learn that we do have a bookstore! (named Books-inn) I tried to check it out yesterday after my visit with the library, but what google map showed me was just the location of a berger joint, then it started to rain and I didn't want to ruin the book ( plus the NaNoWriMo flyers) so I just leave it for now.

I know where it is now, I ask on facebook and the people that lived here longer told me where it really is located. I probably will go again today ( have to print more flyers of NaNo) since last night I got another call from the library saying I got a book that I ordered. Couldn't they check in the morning? I was just there, it is a 15 min drive. 9 I saw a black bear cross the road on my way there yesterday morning also.)

And yes, NaNoWriMo will start soon, I post flyers at the library and all around the college, I am ready! I have a new coffee mug for my tea, laptop clean up with motivation/ inspiration background, three usb on me at all time in case XD

Also I notice I'm starting to be a magazine freak, I always check the magazine before I pay things at shops, in case I can find the Glamour British version ( really hard to get here, but the best fashion magazine.EVER) But then I want to buy EVERYTHING! There was a magazine about Archeology! and and a bunch of studies about the human brain and all that. ( got one about how the mind works with motivation, very interesting... But I mostly took it for the Ancient temples articles.)

I must have made the cashier think or something because here I was buying a fashion magazine, a ideas & Discoveries talking about motivation, Ancient temples and galaxies...and a coffee mug. I looked like a smart girl that would travel a lot ( hence the coffee mug) that looks good. I sound like a self centered bitch, but I'm not. I had really bad low self estime in my teens ( the bulling didn't help), I always like fashion but when ever I would pick up a fashion magazine or a piece of cloathing I could hear the snickers in my ear or actually see some of my classmate laugh at me.So I really never bothered. But after a bad Axiaty attack, I change my mind track, I change on how I think of myself, and I never second guess what I like anymore. If I want to buy that dress because it would make me look good, and feel good about myself, then dammit I will buy it!

It actually help, I didn't have any panic attacks for 2 months now, I have a kind and handsome boyfriend that I though would never have me because he look like out of my league.(Thank you Nintendo!) I wrote three (horrible) novels, but hey I did it, because I stop thinking about what they would say and start listening to myself.

There is things to discover everyday, that it is about a friend, the place you live, or even about yourself you didn't know you would like, and that's how I see everyday of my life, a new things to learn, something new to discover. My co worker find it amazing on how I'm surprise or amaze by just small little things, I like it that way, because now it doesn't take much to make my day.

Take care


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