Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Report 80 Colour changed

I did the modification I needed for my submission for the writing contest, then I ask my sister, if she wanted to critique it. She was interest in my writing for a while, and curious and since she doesn't have work yet I ask. I'm a bit nervous to know what her opinion on it would be, she was always strict and not afraid to tell me to work on it, that's what I like about her. It hurt but it makes me work harder to get her approval. I was thinking that when the contest is done and show the winners, I will post the submission here. I know that the winner will have his story print out in a magazine ( plus cash money but detail) but I figures I could show it here also, like a preview of my story and what the hell I've been writing for the past months XD

last week I was able to reach my weeks word quota being 5000 word. This week I have a lot of hours at work so I only challenge myself to write 3000 word, I'm already excited to know what my muse have for me. I finally finish the scene with the owl and now its the fallow up with the eagle then treasure! I also got a third novel idea about a witch and the ghost dimension, with fights about who's in power. typical but I just love the witch she's funny.

Today I was walking in the kitchen to make myself breakfast when I finally look outside and notice that hey, the leaves on the three is yellow! All of it! Usually there is some leaves that are red or orange but nop not that one it was all the same hue, yellow. That's only when it click me that all the three leaves color change. Its getting cold out winter is coming! I really didn't notice at all that the colors where changing. I did notice when I went down at my parents place but its only today that I realize that the color changed also.

Yes I want down to Bathurst for Thanks giving, I had a great time, it was the first thanks giving my sister and her husband does and it was awesome. We were 10, only close friends all around our age group ( no parents! :D) we played games and drink till midnight. My bestfriend came down from Frederiction and I hang out with her too. Well friday night I hang out with Elise and Chrissi. It been a long time I didn't see Chrissi, she grab me in her arms and lift me for like...5 minute. then we meet a cat she is babysitting until it gets a new home.

It so cuuute. Its a female, color gray with white spot. Very playful and hilarious.Her name was Priscilla, which I laugh because its the same name as my sister female cat ( that I call kitten of Minouch) I wanted to take her home but in the end they made me think through it. I didn't have enough money ( and dont make enough money) to take care of another female cat. It cost a lot to fix a female cat, so I decided to take a male one next time. Which probably when I be living at PEI.

Also, NaNoWriMo will start in a month! I'm debating to ether do the remake of my ghost story number one, or the romantic witch story I had a few weeks ago.I probably know when the time comes, close to the end of October.

I'm still obsess with Sherlock Holmes. I was able to go to the library yesterday and got books I ordered and all the missing short stories of Sherlock Holmes, and one of its novel. I heard the author wrote two novels of Sherlock Holmes but only found one so I need to look through  more to see if there is some I'm missing. I also got the Hunger Game by Suzanne Colins. I still didn't start to read it yet, I'm going by the thicker book first then lower, I think its the third on the list. I'm reading one of Meg Cabot books first, just happen its the thickest because its Large print, haha.

Anyway that was all I had to report today, I hope you all have a pleasent Thanks Giving!

take care,


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