Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Report 81 the life of a dreamer

I heard often that writers are big dreamers, must be a gift because without dreams you can really create books. I find its a damn curse! For hours on end I cant stop my mind from running stupid cannon stories from fandoms. I was off for four days this week, I had plan to work on my novel and I didn't write a single word on it because I cant consentrate on my characters, Sherlock Holmes keep poping out and tell me a story in my head. Mostly retold short stories I read of him, but its frustrating.

I also was planning to participate on a writing contest, I was just waiting for my sister with her reply with edits. But then I reread the entries on how to apply. I have to pay 25$ to enter the contest. 25 buck! for 1500 word? hell no. 10k for 25$ yes, that's reasonable but barely 1000 word no. I am not paying to get my story read and tell me I suck. Not that amount and anyway 1500word does not Justice to my story. I should, I did, but it doesn't show the romance, action and the world I build.

I didn't tell my sister I still want her input on my short, and if she like it I will tell her good, thats the beginning of the novel I'm rewriting. I have decided for NaNO I will write the first novel again, I am still fuzzy about on how to take on the institute and relation ship with the boys with out making it dull. But then I had an idea, fuck the classes only make it as practices and the character visiting and trying to understand the new life he is about to start. ONly that every fiber of his mind and body scream to  get the hell out of there.I did have a scene (or two) in a small notebook I bring at work, I write in it when the time is long, witch is often.

If I'm not writing I'm reading, and I am reading a lot lately. Mostly Sherlock Holmes fanfiction ( really well writen thank you!), but I finally was able to get other books at the library I finish 3 in ...well 2 days. I got Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. I've been after this book for 2 to 3 years now and its finally in my hands!

I read the back summery and it made me think of a french book I read in high school, seven days in heaven or something under that line, where an angle and demon fell in love with each other and their friends want them dead because they cant live, blah blah blah. I barely remember the book, but I liked the character! God and Satan was arguing to whom the grand kid like better.

I only have one book of Terry Pratchett, that I never read ( I get bored after two page I just cant, but I love the movie version of his diskworld series.) and I read one book of Neil Gaiman...maybe two I don't remember, his style is not really books I would read, too dark. Yet here I am in pursuit for 3 years of a book by two authors ( great authors) that I don't really read their books off because they ether bored me or scared me.

I just heared so much about Good Omens I couldnt leave it and the fact that I could place my hand on it ( Chapters was selling it for a 100$! ) would only place me more determine to get it.Its the same thing about Stephen King, great author, only have one books of him in my shelves and its his biography.I could never be able to read any of his novels.Unless I want nightmares for weeks.

So I'm off now, done my ranting a bit, I have a short story ( pff fanfic) stuck in my head so I took out another of my black notebook and start writing it down, might as well consider it in my wordwatchers count. I know that until I write it out of my head I wont be able to think about my novel so might as well do it. When the muse wants something, it will wine until it gets it really XD

take care!


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