Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Report 79, New ways

I have a lot of news today, so I wrote down every thing I want to say and go down the list. The first good news is that I found this website called Write-brained network. Which is basically a blog forum site to encourage writers around the world. But what got me in that site in the first place is an activities that help you write every day or so.

Its called wordWatchers. Its like the weightWatchers, I'm pretty sure you hear it where the person who wants to loose wait, have a number of points they can have during the week and every food have a certain amount of points. The goal is to stay in that goal of points every week. So the wordWatchers is the same principle. I have a set of words or page that I need to acheive in the end of the week. I can be anything really but still something challengable. So I deceided to start small numbers I said 5000 by the end of the week. I wasn't sure if I would have been able to reach it when I started. HA yeah right. just yesterday, second day in the week I had 3600 on 5000 word. More then half way there. I wanted to write a bit more to bring my numbers up but I decided agains;t is since I'm doing this blog report today. ( The word of wordWatchers doesn't cound on blog, twitter and status updates. Thats just plan sad and lazy.)

The other good one is that I'm participating in a writing contest, it was silly really. Its a contest for all Canadian writers and I can win 6000$ on first prize or 1000 on the next 4 winners. So its a win-win. Its a short story contest, when I read that I though " Ho okay could be around 10 -15k word" I though it would be to hard since the submission is on the first of Novembers. HA silly me, the maximum is 1500word. 1500! I type that in half an hour! So yes I have my story, I print it out like that I can see and change the text, because there is a lot of loop whole in there. Verbs doesn't make sense and the odd present to past tense mix up here and there, so I have to do a few make overs. Then I will ask a few people to critique it and do more modification then maybe submit it.

The second news, I got a new hair cut! and color. I have much shorter hair now, and I don't know if you heard that saying or story, but I see it often. When someone ( often a girl) have really long hair, but had a lot of bad memories that she wants to forget or move on, she cuts her hair and feel much better. Well it kinda happen to me. I had long hair, down my shoulders, and I cut it to up my chin and I feel so much better.

Also my muse love the TV show BBC Sherlock. He absolutely love it, because I can't stop listening to it. I don't have to watch it I just use it as background music and I get so motivated, that's how I was able to write 3000 word in one day, I usually get bored after 1700word.Ever since I watch them, I got inspired, my muse, in middle of work, got me a hint on how I could continue, and finish the second novel of my series. That and how to properly start the first one. That's what I wrote for the writing contest, I wrote the first 1500 word of the story, I end it in a cliff hanger of some sort to make the reader want more. I describe whats happening and my characters but the how he will react on the news is a mystery of somesort. I don't want to talk to much about my story here.

Anyway that is it I think. I though it would be much more but really it only feel big, when it really isn't...well I could say I got a 4 dictionary in one! :D Staples was selling does electronic device that hold the dictionary and you can just type the word you want and it gives the definition, where you can use it, the jazz. But the one I got is a English, French and bilingual Thesaurus. It have a calculator, money converter, history and geography. And It only cast me 44$ :D I am Happy I waited before I bough it.

I will go now there is more I need to do before going to bed, I work early tomorrow morning,

Take care!


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