Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Report 78 , changes

This morning, when I woke up, like usual I bug my boyfriend to get up like that he can eat breakfast and get ready for college, or else he just sleep in all the time. But yesterday we both made a promise that if he start to work out in the morning I will too, to get more flexible because I'm as flexible as a plank and really not fun.

But like always when he have to get up because of something new, he wines so much that its to late when he is done eating breakfast. He told me he had to do gradually, like his showers in the morning, once a week and it be fine ( he showers at night!). The only thing is He take his shower in the morning randomly. One week its a Monday the next is a Thursday and etc... It bugs the hell at of me! If he wants that to be a habit at least start by making it weekly pick a date and do it every week during a Monday or something.

I tried to tell him that, if he wants to start somewhere today is the best time, not next month, or else he never learn to hold the habit long enough, I know I do it all the time!But at least I'm trying for weeks before the habit fails me.So then as I was thinking of that after he left for college ( ran mostly he was getting late) I though of a different tactic. We make a lot of odd deals like, if I stop placing my clothing on the bed he will start taking showers in the morning or he can only buy pop when I'm done drinking the apple juice and I'm the only one allowed to drink the juice unless he ask me for a glass. Its really stupid and random but it make it work, I stop placing my clothing on the bed all the time and start actually place them in hangers, while he...well randomly pick a day to take his shower in the morning instead of nights.

But the thing is on all those deals, he was the one that suggested and I was always the one waiting for him to play his part before I start mine. But this time I will start doing the exercise before him, like that he will owe me HA! We both get up at 7 in the morning, so I can at least do a 15min exercise and leave the other 15 min for him. I want to do at least 30min a day but with work and soon NaNO I know it wont last long. HE is the one who keep complaining he doesn't do exerciser enough and is getting a belly because I feed him to much ( HEy the men hungry I give him food) so if he keeps the habit of everyday 15 min exercise its fine, I can do mine later.

I decided to talk about that because its a topic commonly know in human. We don't like changes. Who does? I mean recently facebook change there layout and everyone hate it, because its not what they are used to. And I find it funny because not even a year before it changed and they didn't like it ether! But eventually they will accept the changes and get use to it, slowly but surly. I always take the same roads to go to college, work or super store, when Scott tell me to go to the back roads because its quicker I don't do it because I'm not use to it, its a change in my routine and I don't like it. I know about it and I try to change my ways by accepting the changes around me and take different roads to go to the superstore.

Every time there is something that changes and the people complains about it because they don't like their life to be changed it only remind me of a speech my mother told me she heard once.

"We're all like babies in diapers, When the mother change the baby's diaper it will cry, but the only thing the mother will do is continue and finish changing it and say its okay.She doesn't stop and ask the baby if he wants to change, the baby doesn't know any better he just cry because he doesn't like change, she knows better, she knows if she doesn't change the baby he will be filthy and smelly.But eventually the baby stop crying because it doesn't remember why he was crying in the first place and eventually get use to get its diaper changed.People are like babies, they complain when we change their diapers, we just say its okay since they wont remember the changes anyway and will find something else to complain about.'"

it was a speech a men said during a meeting for the new changes for Avon. My mother really liked it, some other ladies didn't because it was aim at them, but he is right, if a baby can get use to changes, so can we. So now if someone keep complaining about a change in its life he or she doesn't like, just tell him to stop being a baby and let them change their diapers.


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