Monday, January 4, 2010

Report 15

Happy New Year!

I've been busy the last few weeks with last assignment and holiday coming up. But now its all done and the stress of new class start! Usually people say stress? what stress? Teacher just babble for the first week and we do nothing!

But I beg the differ. The first class is always the most important. Its when the teacher give away on how he mark stuff, like that you know on how to do your homework properly for each teacher and have good marks. It's in the first class on where you learn what the class you take is all about, what you have to do for the next few months.

I have two different programming class this term ( with two different teacher too). I have two math class, linear algebra and discrete math.Sound Design in where the teacher will try to fail every one ( no really), quality Management and Ethics where I have no idea what it is. Even the description says nothing.

But what I'm mostly stress on? Money. student loan. Yeah last term I was fine if I was watching my spending, but Holiday came and I spend to much on gifts, and now my second loan, I don't have enough to live for the next few months. I be fine anyway, my parent knew from the start it would come someday so they loan some money from the bank.

I just wish I could live without it, cause its a huge pain to pay back.

Except for that, everything is fine. Still with my boyfriend! ( yey!) First time I spend holiday with someone on my side! Usually they bail on me before the school start. First year I'm actually happy!

I had lot's of candy ( LOT'S), Professor Layton's games! It was really fun to see all my family again, and see there reaction when they saw my boyfriend. Even my grand-ma say he was cute XD That I laugh.

I really like him. I find it fun that he know me, and my weirdness, and fandom, before we start going out thanks to the school project. So I'm not scared of being myself around him... I find it funny too that his the one always searching for my hand to hold or randomly hugging me XD Ho I do the same thing but its fun to know that he like as much as I do to do the same thing ( he start it too XD)

Let's just say, I'm a normal ( in my own way) person with normal stress and drama life.but I actually do something to fix it. Money problem? have some loan from bank. School drama? well none actual cause I'm not social enough to have any XD

God I could still go on and on about stuff, I should write it down on a journal or something. But the feeling on writing it for some one to know is really satisfying. People with the same life problem can just weirdly stop on my page and read on how I deal with it and may find it a good idea and try it? maybe? don't know.


07/01/2011-> fix a few spelling mistake also the money problem? yeah I was on the dot. I had to ask my parent for 500 buck enough to pay my rant for June and I start working but I only got my first pay check a month after.

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