Sunday, January 17, 2010

Report 19, mom's giftsss

Location: Apartment.
missions: finish homework
comments: now * turn paper upside down* what does he want again?

During the Christmas break, I vaguely remembered that I did tell my mom that soon I would need new clothing, to look more my age and professional. So 3 days ago my mom called, This is what our conversation was:

mom: hey Steph, remember how you said you need new clothes soon?

Me: vaguely, only near summer though, why?

mom: well me and Denise when to the mall today! and I bought you some shirts!

me: oh nice! what color?

mom: I bought you 16 shirts.


mom: I bought you 16 shirts! sweaters, t-shirt, tank-top-

me: 16?

mom: YUP 16!

me: ho god!!

So yes, I have now a HOLE NEW wardrobe. Really, since yesterday I bought new jeans ( what was missing from my list so) annnd I paid all my bills now. Still don't have the loan, but it's coming.

On another note, my boyfriend is going to buy a PS3. he played on the one of his roommate and he reaaallly want one now XD it was funny. But now he's anti-social, and he still have to do his homework ( Ho crap MY homework!)

I will have my Wii soon too, I have all the money saved, I just have to find a wal-mart ( cause I have some gift card from there) that have one in stock. Really hard to find.

I read some articles about being a game designer and programmer. And now I'm not sure what I want to go in. I still gonna work my way as a Programmer, but I like what Designers do. So I may aim for that title one day. Another article taught me on how to learn to make games by playing them. I took notes on what I should do and will start doing that. In one way it force me to play game, and finish them in a way.

Well, now it's homework time! going to do some Discrete Math and Linear Algebra!~

yeeeey ( sarcastic, don't like linear algebra, I like Discrete math more.)


07/01/2011-> by the end of that term I liked Linear algebra more then Discrete math. That is a good exemple on how live change all the time.

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