Sunday, January 24, 2010

Report 21, THAT"S IT!


I'm buying a desktop.

you see I had to work on my problem set on visual studio 2008 on my laptop yesterday but NOP! Visual decided to crash on me. SO I will use my Wii found money to not only buy the books I need ( will explain shortly) but to also start to save up for my desktop.

YUP no Wii for me for quite a long while. I have been reading a lot of article about game design in the industry and I really like what they are doing so I decided to fallow that path after I finish programming! I found a lot of books that ( good website about the game industry) talk about and will buy them. There is 3 right now on my list.

I bought one just this morning, because I discovered there was only a few left on Amazone and Chapters didn't have them on stock so I bought it right away. So now I'm forcing myself to now buy the rest online!! I'm going down to moncton in a month so I will go to chapters then and buy them with all the cash I have save up for the Wii.

I also download the ZNES on my computer! so I finally start EathBound! I also have Zelda, Final fantasy III and Secret of Mana, but detail!~ I have made a Twitter too! I post the link on my links section just on the left. I'm in a lot of website I find. Ho well. I decided to have a Twitter when my teacher was talking about social and communication website. There was Twitter and facebook...or blogs. haha. so now I have all three, I just could post my facebook there, but I never go on it anyway. It was just to show pictures of my boyfriend to my family cause they where curious XD

well I have to go, my turn to drive to the apartment and my roommate is finally ready to leave XD time to fix up Visual Studio on my laptop and finish the programming Problem set! At least the extra time give me time to mostly finish my math homework! I just need one chapter on Linear Algebra, and a few numbers on Descrete Math!

Anyway see ya!,

07/01/2011-> I want to chapters trying to get the books. They where not there. So I bought them all online. I think I say it later.

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