Thursday, January 7, 2010

Report 17

Mission: Take notes on programming, and Ethics

Comments:...What the hell is ethics?

No really. I look in the blue paper for the class description and it was something under the line of: " the introduction of Ethics, the student will study Ethics."

...It's Introduction to Ethics, I think I can figure that one.

On other note, I had to buy a headphone with mic for my sound class and I talk with my boyfriend over xFire most of the night XD He was playing borderland though. It was hilarious.

Last night too, my stress on "not enough money" will be gone! My mom said she will call the bank to have my credit, since my loan is not in yet. That and I need to buy a 170$ calculator. It's a graphic calculator, so it is pricey. I'm trying to find other place where I can buy for cheaper. I found 140$ one in staple right now so it's good.

I already have homework in my quality management class,it's not due in an other few week, but still. I didn't really understand what the problem set is. Something about waterfall in game industry.Waterfall being a step by step way to make a game. It's like the higher position of concept paper I did last term.

Writing concept paper was fun. I still write some now and then. Concept paper are a one page game idea that you can send to game industry, for them to consider your idea and may or may not do it.

Now I guess it's the step after the game concept paper, the steps for industries have to go trough to have the money, the process of making the game and the over load of stress to publish it.

How fascinating.

Except for that, life's pretty good now.Well, there is some friend problem, but I don't know a lot since all my friend are in Animation, so I don't hear a lot. They know if they ask my opinion or help, I would tell the horrible truth, and they don't want that so they will try and work it out. Since where all friend i the same boat of going trough the college stress.


07/01/2011-> ... okay yeah other report I may delete cause I don't even understand myself.

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