Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Report 23, GOT IT!

I order my computer XD

Took me a while actualy but cinvising my parents that it was a good one was hard. And they got some bad review from other compagnie? that it was bad? DAH, "other compagnie"? of caurse it wil give bad review, they want you to buy there product.

SO in the end I order it. PLUS my book I order a few days ago is here! okay my parents place but detail, I still got it! So I can start studying for Game Design.

On other notes, I pre order my copy of HeartGold ( and the guide, cause I can), all my friend are taking SoulSilver so I decided to take heartgold. That and because of the name. Heart, Kingdom heart... yeah I'm only taking th e gold version because it make me think of Kingdom Heart. Not only that I like the exclusive pokemon in gold more then the silver version. I don't really care for legandery pokemon much anyway, if you train the common pokemon right, you can be super awesome. And I play to have fun. That's the goal of all games, Fun.

I know I have a class that we had to come up with games by what ever we come up that was fun... One guy did a really good concept paper on cow tipping. The game wasn't complicated, it was just, tipping a cow, but it was still fun, so he got it right.

I've been working on some concept game for the past week. My boyfriend help me for the combat system and character status, weapon named and attribut and we're both working, together on the magic section.

I print out a Game Design Document, so now I have something to base on to write all what I need. Since right now everything is mix up, one part of the story is with the weapon ideas, character in the map section. magic attribute everywhere. So I will divided everything and make it pretty.

One of my teacher said today that if we have some kind of concept paper and we think it's really good and want to work more on it. Before working to much on we can send him the concept and he can critique it. I want to do that, write a good concept and send it to him, know what he thinks. But I have to first finish his 2 papers that is due next week XD

HO men, I did something no one ever do in my class!... I want to the library... and took some book out, for research. There was nothing good on ISO 9000 online so hey I took the book out for my paper!

I have one paper that have to explain what ISO 9000 is, what does it do, if its good, yadi yadi yada.

ISO 9000 is a International Standard for any kind of industry or organization on Quality Management.

my second paper is about if violence in game really influence kids at young age. To be violent.

that's going to be a hard one, since half scientific reaserch sais yes, while the other sais no. I will probably give my opinion on both side views.

Exept for papers to do, I did my first animated sprite in my 2D programming class! And I learn how to do some maze in my normal programming class! everything is starting to mearge together! since in my 2D class I learn on how to make a sprite move around in the screen.

In my sound class, I learn on how to make one sound into a million one! like that if I have one sword sound effect I can varie it to have more then just want and make it apeil to the player.I learn on how to mix different sound in one too. I did the opening of beauty and the beast. I record myself saying the narative in the begening.

The only thing I hate about my record is that, I get nervous when I have to say something outloud and I know that the frigging whole class is listenning. So my voice shoke and slutter on some part. I edit a bit like that we don't notice much but hell I hate it when it happens. I mean I'm not the only one that have to record! why being so nervous! even there, every one is busy doing there own sound, they don't hear me! only the teacher did, since I was the first person to record.

That and I notice I'm the only girl in class again. The class is a mix of first year programming and second year 3D. There's only girls in first year 3D.

Anyway, fun times...

sooo I better wrap everything up. In the end, I'm going down to my parents place this week-end to get my book, it's my Boyfriend birthday friday., lots of paper research due, but no homework? annnnd BOUGHT MY COMPUTER!


07/01/2011-> yeah the game concept? I didn't work long on it. I had conflict with the story and character so I had more brainstorming to do and to much homework.The books? I only read one. the two other I didn't touch much but I did try time to time to sit down and read but it was only making me fall asleep. Cause I was bored, It wasn't challenging enough. And a lot of repetitive thing.

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