Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Report 65, First draft to title pick!

"You still have that cheap thing?" He said, grabbing my hand looking at the .25cent silver cheap metal ring on my finger

" Yeah? Its the only jewelry you ever give me!" I said looking up at him with a questioning look, It is the only jewelry he every got me. It was for a joke, but I never part from it ever, while he hate it like never before. I had a Wii for Christmas, since I got him the PS move thing so no jewelry then. We're a weird gamer couple normal gift like necklace and...stuff is not natural for us.

" Your birthday is coming you will get one then" He said trying to take off the ring of my finger, I took my hands away before he pull it completely out and place it back.

"Why??" I wine " There is a 50% off of the jewelry store at the mall!" I said with a hint in my voice, he look away trying to avoid my eyes.

" No, on your birthday"

" necklace or ring?"

"... necklace or ring?"

"yes" he look at me, arm cross laying on the cafeteria table " that's your choice, what do you want a necklace or a ring?"

That's a tough choice, my hand goes up automatically on my necklace I got 2 years ago from my grand parent, touching the soft surface of the half yellow star. I don't really need a necklace since I like that one a lot. And a ring well... It may look odd if I ask for a ring its like I'm bluntly saying ' yes I will marry you' and I do still have the cheap ring. I really like my cheap ring...

" What about a bracelet?" I ask,
" No bracelet, necklace or ring" he said quickly, he was ready to answer my question, he knew I was thinking of it.

" Why not? That's the only thing I don't have " He look away and pout, that made me smile, he look like a kid and he only do that face when he try to hold a secret to me but can't. He like me to much to lie.

" Cause it's the only thing I find that I know you will love" he said softly, I nearly didn't hear it over the loud debate my friends next to me was having. My smile grew
" You want jewelry shopping!?" I said teasingly

" Yes and I know you will like both of them a lots sooo choose." he said, I can see his cheek getting redder, b'aw he's blushing!

" Well I already have a necklace-"
" necklace or ring" he said cutting me.

I bit my lips as I look down on my left hand where the cheap ring was in my middle finger. He really don't like that ring so might as well lift that pressure off his shoulder.

" You really don't like that ring-"
"Necklace or ring" he cut me again, I have a bad habit of being able to make him buy both in the end so I know what he is doing there, only one. that's harsh.

" Ring" I said.
" you sure? you can't back down"
" No I take the ring like that I wont wear that cheap ring anymore if I have a new one " I said my right hand pointing to the cheap ring. He grab my hand.
" Sad you would love that necklace" he said, shaking his head.

Ho now he is just plain mean.

" Did it had a key on it?" I ask, I love keys I have all the necklace available in my town that have a key in it. Really.

" yeah and a heart over and a key" he said his hand gesturing in front of him, drawing the necklace in the air.

" aww" I wine.

" Heart, key, Kingdom heart? see, see" he said, poking me. I'm a huge fan of the game series Kingdom Heart. Made me thing I saw the new DS game of kingdom heart in used on EB need to go get it someday humm.

Our friend start to stand up and packing up, lunch is over time to go to class.
" I still take the ring babe" I said to him, I couldn't hear what he said before he kiss me and run to his class that was the other building over.

As I walk to my class. I though of my choice and really I did good by choosing the ring for my birthday, cause if it would have been in Christmas in front of my family, I don't know how everything will go. I can just picture my mother going " Steepppphanie you guys only be out for a year, no marriage yet! At least wait until your sister wedding is over!"

At least on my birthday they wont see it.

First draft of a real story

me and my boyfriend talking at lunch.

I still have this funny flipping feeling in my stomach when ever I think of it. Its not something you see around a boyfriend giving a ring to girlfriend and say its not for marriage. He is 23 now but I don't know if we are ready for this big step.

I have a lot of homework, but I may get less now that I will as the head department if I can be a partial student, basically only have the class I need to graduate. I can since on guy already was able to quit the class I don't like much ether so. If I can get ride of that class I will have less homework right there and lots of time.

I basecly now take my villain project and go through the How to think sideways course because I couldn't get myself to write it, there was something off about it and I notice that I was forcing my muse to only think in a box I lay down. In a world he doesn't know how to live in. Playing with toys he doesn't like.

So I took him out and said, what do I need to do to make this story interesting and fun for me ( and him) write. And I got so many idea's I see a series coming along now the way he is playing around with the idea. The first book outline is half. I made the character see who is the real villain and hero around.

I play around some word and I really like the title being " Not so Hero"

what you guys think? What do you think when you read those word? Having different opinion and seeing if just by the title someone can understand the feel of my story will help. I will say later in a post what is the feeling I was trying to give.

thanks and take care everyone,


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