Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Report 63, Weirdness

It's really weird to see my blog in a different name. I mean I had it for more then 50 reports with being Zenxara and now with my name? is just weird. Not use to it yet.

Anyway this will be a short and sweet report. I have a lot of homework to do and it explain why my word count did move higher recently. There is also Officially now, I have all the materials and I'm working on making homemade sketchbooks! I have one under a pile of programming books to keep straight and another one drying the spin that I glue in place. Its really easy and quick. I only made 2 and already wreck and destroy it. I did a lot of mistake and I'm learning in the process.

I mean the first book the pages are uneven ( really uneven XD) I fix that in the second one, but the second one to bind the pages together I was sowing it wrong and learn in the process that uneven number of holes doesn't work.

I'm using this website as a guide to help me make more sketchbook.

What I have plan is that I will do a few for animaritime ( enough time to make a lot of mistake and learn in the process) and sell them. That's what I been doing for the past arh, two days haha.

now I have a few homework.That I will list here to remind myself and show you guys:
  • Rover programming. Basically a graphic design of the mars rover where it move by itself and try to find the goal point. Done the graphic, its time to program!
  • mobile game. Now that we learn how Java ME works its time to make my first assignment, well second, I don't remember the first one so I better check that out before I lose more points then I'm already am.
  • Individual project, I started and need to fix a few bugs in my code before going in deeper in the detail of it. If I can make the monster move and the player shoot. I'm good.
  • flash program. I need to finish the balloon burst project. I need to fix the code for it to collect points when ever the player burst a balloon and place the 2 min timer like that there is a endgame!
  • start the programming in the 15 group people project, but our project manager have my notes! I need to ask him if I can take it for a while to make copies XD
  • start and program the two people network programming . I'm so not into network programming its unbelievable. I don't want to work on it AT ALL I never felt that way before, usually I work on it anyway and figure a way to make it work. Not for that class anyway, I only drew all day and plan some design for my books.
And I think that's it for now some are easy, if I actually put my head into it. And some are harder and longer.But for me I feel like everything is hard, because I'm jumping around different code ALL DAY and its very tiring. I just want to focus on one language and forget the others. but NOP flash, java, C++/SDL some C# here and there. all in one day. God I can't wait for it to be over like that I can start working. Any work. I hate how everyone expect me to have the best job there is straight as I leave school, but it ain't gonna happen since I'm staying in Miramichi for a year. I probably gonna work as a librarian or on Wal-Mart floor for a year.But really I'm fine with this, parents may not be but I am. I just don't want my head to explode with more stress of programming.

The first year of programming was fine, since we where only focusing on one type of language and POOF the second year they quadruple the amount of work. My head feel like its going to explode by the end of every term, and its not the amouth of homework there is its the amouth of work itself to make the project work! Thats when I knew I wasn't fit to be a programmer, to much stress is litary killing me.

My mother can't work due to a third burn out in a row, my sister is on her second but she is fit to work at least and all because of to much stress. I don't want to fell in that category. I know Writing is the same but at least I not gonna fall asleep on the keyboard crying because I can't figure how to make my code work properly.

anyway time to work on the individual project. I really should be working on the rover project, but I don't want to, I have the week-end for that. And I have a limit of time for my trial with flash so.

take care!


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