Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Report 64, third person to first person

I start writing a scene from Villain project that was stuck in my head for I while. I know it will be part of my story that's for sure I love that scene anyway, but in the middle of it I was stuck to find the right words for it, and I`m writing the story in third person because some scene have a view of what the male main character does I guess I felt like I had no choice to write it in third person because of that.

But right in the middle of a scene I change into first person, just for the fun to see if there will be a change and wow. 2000 word in less then an hour, the word was throwing themself at me I had more fun to write in first person then in third person, so I will continue in that. I know that I didn't write well for that 2000 word. I had a bit of a hard time making things look like I wanted, but I figure I will push that through How To Revise Your Novel lesson when I will buy it in summer.Since you know I already have 10k to go through and change to first person already ( I'm going to finish the novel first!).

I'm also thinking of passing the story in HTTS lesson, like you guys know I had to stop for a while(month! D:) because of my homework but I got a bit of motivation this week, I manage my time and dates when the project is due and I got a bit of free time, that's why I started to write the random scene from the novel.

But before I go ferder in the novel I guess I should have an idea where things should go around. Since the outline I did previously is garbage, everything is bad now. I don't want to use 3/4 of the bad guys character I made and its good, because really even when I started it was bad.

Funny I only read the lesson 13 for HTTS and it was on how to love your story again when you just want to finish everything off and move on. It basically open my eye that I need to plan a better outline now that I know where its going...a bit, my characters still surprises me.

I also started to make home made books! I have three already done, but only one could be really sold. The first two were experience and really...ugly and not straight XD

Sorry for the really bad pictures but I pick a really bad time to take pictures and my camera wasn't that great.

anyway that's the most of what I wanted to say (and show) Hope everyone is doing okay and have a nice week!


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